2017 Plenary: What's Up With Accuracy?




The long Open meeting turned into a true Committee meeting agreeing many proposals for consideration by the plenary. All these proposals were approved by the Plenary.

Open Meeting Report

Sporting licences - Concerns were expressed about sporting licences issuing and differing numbering systems. FAI is working on this at higher level.

Basecamp - It has been used for information rather than contribution and there has been a lack of responses. We need to be more structured with nominated Basecamp committee members sharing the work and to use Basecamp effectively.

Judges Data base - Riikka presented current judges list (XL sheet) and is looking for a consolidated Judging database that can be interrogated showing ID, judging level, contact details and experience. CIVL is to define what is required and will be given to FAI. CIVL ‘officials’ Sporting Licences are under consideration.

Judging Seminars - There was discussion whether that initial training (and seminars) should be done at National level (Cat 2 events) and a consolidation of training levels at Cat 1 events. Capture of judges’ details and documentation of training and experience for CIVL register is required. Further work required and is ongoing.

WAG and other competitions - Stephane reported on World Air Games, Air Games Series and Asian Games. Violeta reported on her participation in a project on how the sport is promoted, organized, governance, financed and represented.

Target size - Committee proposal was discussed at length and it was decided that the further discussion is required and it is best to keep the rule as it is at the moment.

National entry team size - Committee proposal was modified with clear differentiation between the maximum number of pilots accepted per nation and per team.

SafePro Para - Agreed that the level defined for Accuracy is acceptable for recommendation to the Plenary.

Judging Code - The modified proposal will be put forward to Plenary.

  • Proposal from Kamil to add to the Event Judge’s responsibilities, the requirement for observing and to make competition flying decisions with regard to weather conditions, particularly at the target. Agreed.
  • Proposal from Yoshiki to allow in the interim the use and development of non‑FAI listed judges for Category 2 competitions. Agreed. It is to be noted that the Code is in continued development.
  • Proposal from Igor: the term measuring field in the code should be replaced with target in line with Section 7C. Agreed.
  • Proposal from Kamil: For Category 2 events, wording should read ‘if more than 50 pilots are participating in the Event, it is recommended that the Event Judge and Chief Judge shall be separate individuals. Agreed.
  • Proposal from Uga: Recommendation to Plenary the provision of giving relaunching to be put on the Event Judges responsibilities. Agreed.

Championships Bid Review  - The two bid proposals for the 2019 World Paragliding Accuracy Championships from Austria and Serbia (previously presented to the plenary) were given to the PGA meeting for review. The committee was unsure about the validity of the bid from Austria and decided to forward the question to the Bureau for decision. (The Bureau decided to let the Plenary decide if the bid was acceptable or not.)

Future work - There is a need for the committee to work on the following issues during 2017:

  • IT PGA Scoring Software: The provision of a standard Accuracy Competition IT system.
  • Equipment at category 1 competitions: there is an issue with regard to the reliability of scoring equipment – especially for Cat 1 competitions. It has been noted experience has shown that many unreliable systems currently used and these were unacceptable for records. It was agreed that this concern should be worked on during the coming year.
  • Record approvals: It was agreed that Category 1 and 2 PGA competition records require Judges that are recognised, experienced and on the CIVL judges list. We are working on the list at the moment and will keep doing so.


Roll Call - Riikka Vilkuna (Chair) (SWE), Stefan Brandlehner (AUT), Kamil Konecny (CZE), Marc Nossin  (FRA), Stephane Malbos (FRA), Harry Buntz  (GER), Andy Cowley  (GBR), Sandor Kaszas (HUN), Brigitta Gergely (HUN), Yoshiki Oka (JPN), Violeta Masteikeine (LIT), Goran Dimiskovski (MKD), Valemtim Popa (ROM), Matjaz Feraric (SLO), Igor Erzen (SLO), Jondzic Ugljesa (SRB), Ovuka Zeljko (SRB), Elsa Mai  (TPE).

Picture: Goran Diurkovic from Serbia in the Lithuanian 2016 Euro.