2017 Plenary: What’s Up with HG & PG?



The first Open meeting of the Plenary is dedicated to issues common to hang-gliding and paragliding cross-country. There is no specific agenda to the meeting. The Plenary Agenda is scrolled down and appropriate issues discussed as they pop up.

Safety Officer - Raymond Caux is resigning from its position. We have to find someone to take over the position and define our policy. Are expected as a minimum: following all Committee discussion with his/her ‘safety eye’ wide open; processing our incident/accident reports; updating the Safety pages of our website.

IPPI Card issuing in Mexico, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Italy, through the NAC, APPI and FIVL - IPPI Card scheme explained. History of relations between APPI, NAC and CIVL also explained.

Raise of sanction fees in Second Category events - No negative return from organizers were received.

How to make test events more attractive.

  • Invite the podium winners to the main event. Some are against it, saying that it might make difficult team strategy and cut the number of spots available at allocation. Some are for it as it is a good way to attract pilots. Show of hands asked: result 50% for, 50% against. (The Plenary will reject it.)
  • Keep 50% of spots truly available for foreign pilots until 90 days before the competition. OKed but linked to the general problem of % of spots reserved in Cat 2 events for foreign pilots and deadlines for their pre-registration.

Rest day proposal - The local regulations of the coming World PG in Italy have included the new proposal in its definition of rest day.

Restructuring Section 7 - Anything that is not a rule should be in a new document ‘S7 Annexes’. We will reintegrate the ‘thermalling rules and technics’ guidelines in it. These guidelines should be revised. Any volunteers?

Pilot Safety Form - Consensus on: It should be mandatory that they will be available. Pilots should be encouraged to use them.

Approved flight instruments requirements and procedures - Following a problem with a weird tracklog in a test event, a temporary Working Group has been implemented to address the issue. Explanations are given on the test event problem and on current discussion in the Working Group.

Nominations for FAI Air Sport Medal as a way to thank First Category event organizers - Bureau nominated all 2016 Cat 1 organizers. Should we keep doing this or select only a few when we consider that they delivered a good competition? No consensus found. It is stated that CIVL does very few awards and that the FAI award scheme could be better used to thank and encourage our people.

Also discussed… The need to hire a CIVL Administrator to run CIVL on a day-to-day base. The concept and budget was agreed on a few years ago.

Roll call - Amaral Fernando (POR), Askirk Niels (DEN), Askiru Niels (DEN), Belova Eugeniya (RUS), Brandelhener Thomas (AUT), Buntz Harry (GER), Cowley Andy (GBR), Dimikowski Goran (MKD, Bureau), Dimov Daniel (BUL), Ellefsen Oyvind (NOR), Erzen Igor (SLO, Bureau), Honti Adel (HUN), Jaxi-Rozen Jedrzy (POL), Kolar Andrej (SLO), Kowecny Kamil (CZE), Mai Elsa (TPE), Malbos Stéphane (FRA, Bureau), Masahiro Kitano (JAP), Masteikiene Violeta (LTU), Mathurin Didier (FRA), Nossin Marc (FRA), Oka Yoshiki (JAP), Ovuka Zeljko (SER, Bureau), Shelden Jamie (USA, Bureau, HG Chair), Siess Herbert (AUT), Sonzoeni Barbara (ITA), Thomas Adrian (GBR, Bureau, PG Chair), Valentin Popa (ROM), Vilkuna Riikka (SWE).


Picture: In Krushevo during the HG Euro.