CCC Paragliders, the GrandFather rule and the 2017 World championship



CIVL has been in contact with manufacturers preparing gliders for the coming World Championship in Monte Avena, Italy, and with the testing houses. CIVL has been informed that BGD, Gin and Ozone have successfully completed the flight and load tests for their new CCC 2016 gliders in the required size XS in time so those gliders (Diva, Boomerang 11, EnZo 3) are eligible to fly at the Worlds this year provided their weight range will be completed.

CIVL Bureau underlines that CCC 2016 does not affect gliders certified under earlier versions of the CCC or through EN (the ‘Grandfather rule') and those legacy gliders such as the EnZo 2, Boomerang 10, Dudek Coden and various other CCC 2014 or EN certified wings remain eligible to compete in CIVL First Category events including the coming World Championship.