2014 EnvC Annual Meeting - Main decisions and discussions

logo envir 01 cmyk 300-15 mThe 2014 Annual Meeting of the FAI Environmental Commission (EnvC) was held on 8 February 2014 in Rome, Italy. The meeting was hosted by the Aero Club of Italy at their beautiful building in the centre of Rome.

Here are the main decisions and discussions that took place during the meeting:

FAI Environmental code

The Commission decided to review the FAI Environmental Code to make sure all items are updated.  The Commission will then proposes this code be included in the FAI regulations at the same level as the FAI Code of Ethics to make sure environmental commitments are taken into account by competitions organisers of all air sports, with the aim of making competitions more environment-friendly.

FAI Environmental Ambassador

The Commission decided to look for an ambassador to promote green air sports.

Development of low-emission and electric classes of aerobatic airplanes

The Commission is presently working with CIVA to define low-emission and electric classes of aerobatic aircraft which would allow manufacturers to create new models with smaller environmental footprint and larger availability to all would-be competitors in order to create a new generation of aerobatic pilots coming from countries newly opened to airsports

Conversion of the Commission into an expert group

The Commission voted unanimously against the idea of being transferred to an expert group.


President : Pierre Duval
1st Vice President : Bernald Smith
Secretary : Diana King


The next meeting of the FAI Environmental Commission will be held on 24 January 2015 at a location to be confirmed.

2014 EnvC Meeting