2017 IPC Plenary Meeting, Faro, Portugal 28-29 January 2017 - LATEST


There is an additional Annex to the Agenda published on 12 December 2016.  Annex 54a and a slight change to the Agenda to reflect this.

The Agenda is now published on this Website - See 'About Us' 'Meetings' menu above.

There are a couple of typo corrections and additions to the Agenda originally published on the Organisers site (this is also now changed) and Annex 3 has been replaced (due to an error). 

The Agenda and accompanying Annexes are available on the Organiser's site - follow the link

2017 IPC Plenary Meeting, Faro, Portugal - AGENDA and Documents

Looking forward to meeting again.

2016 FAI Gold Parachuting Medal - Award

FAI Gold_Parachuting_Medal_2016


FAI Gold Parachuting Medal awarded to Mr Tomás Berriolo

On November 3 last, in an auditorium hall Puerto Madero, in act by the ANAC conjunction with CADEA, delivery was made to athletes and prominent institutions in 2016.

Present were the National Administrator of the ANAC engineer Juan Pedro Irigoin, Mr. Fernando Nocito Unit Planning and Management Control ANAC president CADEA engineer Gustavo Eduardo Reyes, the president of the Argentina Federation of Parachuting Ricardo Ocorso Lorenzo, president of Research Lajunta Civil Aviation srta. Pamela Suarez, Manager of Institutional Relations Mr. Walter EANA Salama, responsible for General Aviation Mr. Eduardo Pareira YPF and Rodrigo Palisa and general secretary of the FAP Miss Norma Elia Sansone, among other authorities ANAC


Judges Nomination Lists

digital-stopwatchYou have until 31st December 2016

Your FAI Judges names must have been submitted to the Chair of the Judges Committee by that date - if not they will not be included on the list for 2017 and therefore be unavailable to judge at any of the 2017 FCE's.

The forms are available on this website in both .pdf and .xls formats.  You can download them either by following these links:  Judges Nomination List (pdf) - Judges Nomination List (xls) or by visiting Documents - Officials, Judges and Delegates - Judges or by following the menu trail - About Us - Judges.

In addition you can let the Chair of the Judges Committee know who is available for the various FCE's during 2017 on the following forms : Proposed Judges Competitions 2017 (pdf) or Proposed Judges Competitions 2017 (xls).

Give all your FAI Judges a Happy New Year and do your bit!

2016 - IPC President's Report



Bureau News Latest: 

Dr. Rainer 'Exi' Hoenle, President of IPC has published his annual report under "Bureau News", prior to the Plenary 2017 in Faro.

Follow the link to read it in full.

1st FAI World Cup in Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying, Z'Hills - Day 4



USA 2 - Silver

USA 1 - Gold

Russia - Bronze

 Anthony Zerbonia

 Travis Mickle

 Simon Repton

Jeffrey Harrigan

 Mark Krasiski

 Sarah Chamberlain

 Igor Volkov

Sergei Kistaichev

Andrey Iurosh



Latest Bureau News

Exi Jury_List_copy

Dr. Rainer 'Exi' Hoenle, IPC President has issued a new item for the Bureau News page on this web site.

This reminds all NAC delegates that items for inclusion in the Agenda for the forthcoming Plenary need to be submitted to the IPC President and the IPC Recording Secretary by 1st December 2016.

It also includes information on the bids for future FCE's.

1st FAI World Cup in Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying, Z'Hills - Day 3

Then and_Now

Wednesday 9th November 2016   IPC Facebook Page

It is all over, there is a new President of the USA and the 1st World Cup of Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying has completed a day early.  This evening at 17.00 hrs there will be the awards ceremony here on the Drop Zone at Zephyrhills.


67th IPC Plenary, Faro Portugal, January 28-29 2017

Plenary-2017We have moved into the 21st Century - for this Plenary booking/registration is available on-line :

Plenary 2017 Details

On the same web page Bulletin 1 is available to download.

See you all in Faro.

FAI Judge Training Course Formation Skydiving - 2016



Learn how to judge using digital scoring systems and move away from the stopwatch!


The next FAI Judges Training Course for Formation Skydiving will take place in Brisbane, Australia - 30th November to 1st December 2016.

Follow the link HERE for the full details, or via the Judges section fo the "About US" menu button above - or the Judges Training Course section of the Documents page.

1st World Wingsuit Performance Flying Championships, Z'Hills, Day 4

added pressure

Sunday, 6th November 2016

ANOTHER WORLD RECORD  This time the record established on Monday by Chris Geiler, USA was broken by Chris himself :  Existing record 88.1

Round 1, Time = 94.2 and Round 3, Time = 95.7   In fact the existing record (88.1) has been beaten 11 times in this competion.


1st World Wingsuit Performance Flying Championships - Registration and Countdown

Jackie Scorpion-articleAs Wingsuit performance flyers start to arrive at Zephyrhills all is ready for the 1st FAI World Wingsuit Performance Flying Championships to start.  This link will take you to the latest Registration picture, although this is subject to change up until the competition is declared open at the opening ceremony to take place on 3rd November 2016.

Currently there are 23 Nations registered for the Wingsuit Flying FCE's - 1 solely for the World Cup in Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying due to start on the 7th November + 5 other nations entering both events - in short 22 entries for the 1st World WPF Champiionships and 6 for the World Cup in WAF - 7 teams in all (but this may change).

That gives us a total of 63 competitors in Wingsuit Performance Flying from all 5 Continents and we welcome both Moldovia and Iran who are represented for the first time at a 21st Century FCE.  Also it is great to see competiors from both Singapore and India for the second FCE this year.  I will try and establish who has travelled the furtherest to attend this historic event in IPC's callender of amazing events this year.

Espen Fadnes from Norway is registered, hoping to repeat his Gold Medal performance of last year and become the first World Champion in Wingsuit Performance Flying, but as both silver and bronze medalists from 2015 are also here we are set for a great competition.

You can follow the results as they happen - keep up with the news with Skydive-tv - I will be reporting on this web-page and also posting regularly on the IPC Facebook page - and the organiser's web site is also available.wingsuit FCE