CIEA Plenary Meeting & FAI Young Artists Contest

The FAI Aviation & Space Education Commission (CIEA) held its Annual Plenary Meeting on 23 and 24 April 2010 in Naples (ITA).

Guide for New CIEA Delegates
In an effort to encourage and support FAI Member countries to nominate new Delegates to the FAI Aviation & Space Education Commission, the CIEA prepared and published a completely updated version of its Guide for New CIEA Delegates. Available for download from the CIEA Webpages, the Guide provides CIEA Delegates with several references on the aims, activities, working procedures and programs of the Commission. The Guide is illustrated with a series of photos showing youth activities and workshops held during the recent years.

FAI Young Artists Contest
Hosted by the Academia Aeronautica in Pozzuoli, close to Naples, the International Jury met to determine the winners of the 2010 Contest, whose theme was “Flying with the Sun”. The winners’ names and artwork are available at the CIEA Webpages.

"50 Years of Human Space Flight"
The theme of the 2011 Contest is linked with the 50th anniversary of Gagarine's historic flight. Rules and interpretation of the theme are available at www.fai.org/education/young_artists_contest/rules.

All CIEA Officers have been re-elected for a two-year term. Please click here to consult the complete list of CIEA Officers and Delegates.

Next Plenary Meeting
29 and 30 April 2011, Lausanne (SUI)
Further information will be provided at www.fai.org/education/meetings in due time.