Noosphere Hails The World Games 2017 a success

NS5 RSZThe company behind the innovative event and competition management system at the Air Sports events in The World Games 2017 in Poland has applauded the three days of air sports competition, saying they helped bring people together.

Michael Ryabokon, co-founder of Noosphere, the FAI’s Global Technical Partner, said he wanted to “congratulate all the pilots and skydivers here at this great celebration of sport. It’s a wonderful thing to see, and it brings us all closer together from across the three air sports.”

Noosphere developed a special results management system that was used in The World Games 2017 in Paramotoring, Glider Aerobatics and Canopy Piloting.

In Paramotoring and Glider Aerobatics, Noosphere developed a management system, which then allowed for the competition scores to be instantly displayed on the big screen at the air field as well as online.

For all three disciplines, Noosphere provided the results output to Swiss Timing in the Olympic data format.

233A7461 RSZNoosphere also created an event website for the Games, which provided information such as results, news, schedule, athletes biographies and pictures to the general public.

Ryabokon, who is also Driver of Innovations at Noosphere, said: “We started working with the FAI in Space Modelling more than four years ago. Our idea has always been to expand into larger sports like ballooning, gliding and paramotoring. We are happy to see our systems in place and working well at The World Games.”

He added: “Our involvement with the FAI is longterm.”

FAI signed a new strategic partnership with Noosphere Ventures in February 2017. The first stage of the partnership involved Noosphere developing a cutting edge competition and event management system that was used at The World Games 2017.

The Games were held in Wroclaw, Poland from 20-30 July, with the Air Sports competitions held over three days from 20 - 23 July 2017.