Forza Italia!


The 20th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 1 championship came to an end with Italia taking both individual (Christian Ciech) and team Gold. France is in Silver (Antoine Boisselier and team). Christian Voiblet (Switzerland) and Australia are in Bronze.

The two last tasks were cancelled before they started due to unusual weather. A bit frustrating, but not many complained after eight days of great flying with landings “on the edge”. They crowned, once more, the very best. Ciech won four tasks, Boisselier won three. The three top pilots were the only ones to reach goal every day.

The closing ceremony was full of emotion as Voiblet’s wife came to pick up Christian’s medal, hospitalized with a broken arm after his last landing. The FAI flag was handed to the Brazilian team and the championship was officially closed to the sound of mariachis. See you all in Brasilia 2017!


(Photos over Flavio Tebaldi)

(Photo under Stef)