Training Day. 15th FAI World Paragliding Championship

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The training task, was set to 72 kilometers. Due to the clear skies, the task could have seemed easy, but just before the start, it started to get cloudy, so the pilots had to rely on the ability that led them here to compete in the world championship.

 “While we were planning it, we were expecting a very quick task” explains Maurizio Bottegal “but then the weather, which is the unrival king of this sport, suddenly changed and forced us to slow down. We were expecting an average speed of 30 km/hour, but we probably moved slower because the thermals were weak and therefore difficult to climb. Around 2.45 PM however, the conditions changed once more and the pilots could gain speed again. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that flying today was challenging, in fact, only 25 out of 150 Pilots could arrive to Goal.

For tomorrow we are checking the weather condition because in the area surrounding Feltre forecasted storms so it is very probable that the competition will move to the area of Pedemontana del Grappa (Bassano, Marostica or Rubbio)”.

Training day video

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