Electric Propulsion Conquers the World

The development of electric flight dates back to the late 1950s and became properly known around the world for the first time when Fred Militky achieved a 23 minute flight with an electric free flight model FM 248.

For more than 50 years

In 1960, an improved version of this model was put on the market by the German company Graupner as the modelling kit "Silentius". The big breakthrough came in 1971, when Fred Militky and Wolfgang Schwarze demonstrated the radio controlled electric glider model "Silencer" in front of an amazed audience at the F3A World Championships in Doylestown PA, USA. The first electric flight competions were held as early 1973, including the Militky Cup in Switzerland.

Nearly everything that can fly

In Aeromodelling today, electric motors are a very commonly used means of propulsion for propeller planes. The possibilities of equipping model aircraft – either free flying or radio controlled – with electric propulsion are virtually limitless. This includes the smallest models with a weight of as little as 10 grammes up to large models of 20 kg or more. Technical advancements of recent years (construction materials, batteries, motor technology) mean that in principle every model aeroplane and every model helicopter or model jet plane can be operated electrically.

Even in parks, sports stadiums and halls

Electric models are emission free and can be flown with very little noise. That is why flying ultra light-weight RC electric models made from balsa wood, expanded and other lightweight plastics in parks, sports stadiums and halls has very quickly become possibly the fastest growing trend of modern aeromodelling. A further important trend is flying small, intrinsically stable, radio controlled helicopters.

Attractive World Championships and numerous meetings

The first FAI Electric Flight World Championships for radio controlled electric glider models were held in 1986 in Lommel, Belgium. In later years Electric Pylon Racing World Championships were held at the same time. To date, world and continental Championships have been held jointly for these two categories.

Current FAI competition classes

  • F5A Electric Aerobatics (for Airplanes up to 3 kg)
  • F5B Electric Motor Glider (FAI World Championships Class)
  • F5C Electric Helicopters
  • F5D Electric Pylon Racing Model Airplanes (FAI-World Championships Class)
  • F5E Solar Model Aircraft
  • F5F Electric 4 Cell Motor Glider
  • F5G Electric Big Glider

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