2013 Space Models World Cup Instructions

1. FAI Sporting Code
2. Space Models Competition Classes
3. FAI Sporting Calendar
4. Information Bulletins
5. Standard of Organisation
6. Checking of Sporting Licences
7. Eligible countries
8. Results Tables
9. Jury Report
10. Organisers - Return of Results
11. Current Placing Lists
12. World Cup Diplomas and Medals

1. FAI Sporting Code

FAI Sporting Code, Part 4, Volumes ABR and SM, Edition January 1, 2013 shall be used to organize and conduct Space Models World Cup Events in 2013. They can be downloaded from the Document page.

2. Space Models Competition Classes

Space Models Competition Classes, according the FAI Sporting Code, Section 4, Volume SM, Annex 3 are: S4A, S6A, S7, S8E/P and S9A. Usually after World Cup classes at the same contest are scheduled some other classes like S3A or S1B as Open International – Non World Cup events.

3. FAI Sporting Calendar

The FAI Sporting Calendar for Space Models Events is published at the FAI Event Page.

  1. If you wish to get more details on a specific event click at the title of this event (blue letters).
  2. If you need to do any changes in relation to your event – contact the SM SC Chairman by email.
  3. Important changes if approved shall be published in the FAI Sporting Calendar and also distributed to all World Cup organizers by a Circular Email.
  4. The organizers are not allowed to organize events out of the published FAI Calendar. If such an event is organized it shall neither be ranked according to the FAI rules nor the participants awarded with any World Cup or SMIR (Space Models International Ranking) points.

4. Information Bulletins

Information Bulletins for all World Cup or Open International SM events should contain data on:

  1. Name of the contest,
  2. Venue,
  3. Dates,
  4. Contest Classes,
  5. Jury and Judges,
  6. Entry fee,
  7. Accommodation and Catering,
  8. Time-table,
  9. Awards,
  10. Transportation
  11. Organizer contact details,
  12. Entry form with deadline for application.

Entry form shall contain also:

  1. Name, address of the applicant organisation, mailing address, email address, phones and name of contact person;
  2. List of sportsmen to enter the contest with data:
    1. Name of sportsmen
    2. FAI License Number
    3. Year of birth
    4. Classes to enter
    5. Radio frequencies of the RC equipment
    6. Request for accommodation and food. As a guide how to produce this document you can look at SC4 Volume ABR Annex A.1.b. Information Bulletin should be sent in e-form to the SM SC Chairman and also distributed not later than 30 days before the event.

5. Standard of Organisation

Note that World Cup contests are expected to be run to a high standard. The CIAM Bureau has agreed that events which are not run in accordance to the Sporting Code will not be included in the World Cup for the following year. As a guideline to achieving necessary organization standards may be used FAI SC4 Volume ABR par. B.12 – Space Models.

6. Checking of Sporting Licences

For every competitor the organizer is obliged to check that the Licence is valid for 2013 and record the Licence number prior to beginning of the event.

7. Eligible countries

 Note that just before your event you should check the list of FAI member nations on the FAI Members Page and confirm that all entries you have received are valid.

8. Results Tables

Result tables should contain all necessary data on contest and competitors. These are:

  1. Data on the contest:
    1. Name of the contest
    2. Venue and date 
    3. Class
    4. Weather conditions – air temperature and wind speed. 
  2. Data on competitors:
    1. SURNAME and name (surname comes first and in capital letters)-put (J) behind a junior’s name,
    2. FAI License Number
    3. Country
    4. Results of every round and total. Fly-offs if any. Fly-offs does not enter total.
  3. Contest officials:
    1. Three Jury members
    2. Contest Director and RSO.

The result tables are prepared in Excel (xls format). Pdf or jpg format is not acceptable! Attached is an example of filled results tables from Belarus Cup 2010. You can adapt it for your contest.

Please note that you must supply the FAI Licence numbers of competitors. The CIAM Bureau have agreed that any events not providing FAI Licence numbers with the results may not be considered for inclusion in the World Cup for the following year.

9. Jury Report

The FAI Sporting Code, Section 4, Volume ABR, par. B.4.1 sub.par.3 requires all FAI Jury at CIAM events to submit a report. In order to simplify this task attached is an exemplary Jury Report made on a standard form. This form contains:

  1. Competition and competition classes scheduled;
  2. Date and venue;
  3. Organizer;
  4. Names and nationalities of the FAI Jury members;
  5. Schedule of competition;
  6. Duration of rounds;
  7. Breaks between rounds;
  8. Maximum duration in each round;
  9. Interruptions and delays;
  10. Weather and visibility;
  11. Flight line – changes of position;
  12. Number of flying sites;
  13. Number of competitors per launching site/class;
  14. Local rules or deviations from the Sporting Code;
  15. Alteration of the schedule;
  16. Any additional sporting activity;
  17. Observations on time-keeping and judging;
  18. Comments on ground facilities;
  19. Prize-giving and issue of results
  20. Any incidents or accidents;
  21. Protests;
  22. Comments on accommodation, food, entry fees and other expenses;
  23. Final comments and evaluation of the contest;
  24. Signatures of the Jury members. Jury report shall be prepared in Word (doc format).

10. Organisers - Return of Results

Each SM World Cup Organizer is obliged to send results of his contest to the Chairman of Space Models Subcommittee within three days after the contest has ended (FAI SC Volume SM Annex 2 par. 5). Results must be accompanied with the Jury report.

11. Current Placing Lists

Current Placing Lists shall be prepared by the SM SC Chairman as soon as possible after the results of last held event are received and they shall be distributed to all World Cup Organizers and other interested parties. If the results are received in the prescribed term of three days Current Placing Lists (CPL) shall be distributed within next seven days.

12. World Cup Diplomas and Medals

Official diploma and medals for overall Space Model World Cup winners are presented to winners at the CIAM Plenary meeting in April following the year of their victory. The winner in each class will hold the Official trophy for one year and will receive a medal and diploma. The second and third place flyers in each class will receive diploma.

Events Calendar


Check out the calendar for all FAI Aeromodelling events.