S1X Calculation Programme


  • We are making available for downloading here the S1X calculation programme. Due to the overall size of the programme, it has been broken down into several parts.
  • This programme runs on Windows. There is no Mac or Linux version available at present.
  • Each part corresponds to the content of one of the directories of the programme.
  • The documents have been ZIP-compressed to reduce their size and therefore your download time. To uncompress the ZIP files, you need a programme such as Stuffit Expander (available for free)
  • After you have downloaded the ZIP files you need, put them in one directory (for example 'C:\S1X' ) and uncompress them. You are then ready to install the programme.
  • If you need any assistance to install or use the programme, send your questions to the CIAM Space Subcommittee or CIAM Space Modelling information list

BIG_BLUE  (31.94 kB)19 August 2011
contests  (11.26 kB)19 August 2011
docs  (127.67 kB)19 August 2011
rockets  (104.39 kB)19 August 2011
S1X  (1.40 MB)19 August 2011
S1X_AC_E  (56.92 kB)19 August 2011
SETUP16  (2.88 MB)19 August 2011
SETUP32  (3.58 MB)19 August 2011

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