World Games 2013 athlete's profile: Cornelia Mihai (ROU)

Name Cornelia MIHAI MIHAI Cornelia
Sport Canopy Piloting
Gender F
Ranking 93
Nationality ROU
Year of birth 1984
Start year in the sport 2002
Experience 4000+ jumps
Best achievement in competition 96th, 2nd female competitor

What equipment do you use?

Competition Velocity, Petra

What do you hope to achieve at The World Games?

I hope to do the best that I can, have fun and win.

What does air sport mean to you?

I am very passionate about skydiving and canopy piloting in particular because it is a never ending learning process, it challenges me all the time and it became my life.

What plans do you have for after The World Games?

Yes I am planning to attend a couple of competitions more after the World Games including the Canopy Piloting World Cup in Russia. I m planning to compete with my team: the Skydive Dubai Canopy Piloting Team.