World Games 2013 athlete's profile: Timothy McMaster (UAE)

Name Timothy McMASTER McMASTER Timothy
Sport Canopy Piloting
Gender M
Ranking 6
Nationality UAE
Year of birth 1985
Start year in the sport 2003
Experience 9500+ Skydives
Best achievement in competition 2nd Place Vertical Formation Skydiving and 6th Place Canopy Piloting
FAI world records 2012 138-way Vertical Formation

What equipment do you use?

PD VC 79, PD Perrigrine 67

What do you hope to achieve at The World Games?

Atleast top 5, but the podium would be awesome.

How do you describe yourself ?

Pretty relaxed, but very competitive, both of these help me skydiving by keeping my calm under pressure but still bringing the heat when competing

What does air sport mean to you?

It is my life, I dont know where I would be without skydiving. It's the best thing that ever happened to me

What plans do you have for after The World Games?

Continue to train at Skydive Dubai, and travel around the world competing in skydiving competitions

Any final comments?

Most people think skydiving is too dangerous to try, but It is something that everyone should try at least once, theres nothing else like it. It may change your life