World Games 2013 athlete's profile: Nicholas Batsch (USA)


Name Nicholas BATSCH BATSCH Nick
Sport Canopy Piloting
Gender M
Ranking 2
Nationality USA
Year of birth 1981
Start year in the sport 2001
Experience 5400 jumps
Best achievement in competition World Cup Champion 2011
FAI world records World Record Distance 154.06meters. 6 consecutive distance world record holder

What equipment do you use?

NZ Aerosports Petra JPX, and JVX. Mirage Container, PD Reserve, Skysystems Helmet, Cypress Speed, L&B Altimeters, LiquidSkySports Apparel.

Any final comments?

May the games be played well with little to no injury and the best performances of all the athletes in the World Games 2013. Thank you to all the volunteers and organizing committee. See you all in July