Workshop and Test Events Ahead of The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw

WG2017 pre group 2

A three day workshop took place this week in Wroclaw, Poland, as part of the preparation for the World Games 2017. The attendees included the Event Directors and Officials of the three disciplines selected to the World Games 2017, FAI Member Representatives from France and Hungary, the Director of the Wroclaw Aeroclub and FAI Head Office staff. 

The goals were the following: share information about the World Games 2017; share experiences of past editions of the Games, and of Cali 2013 in particular; have a mutual understanding of the different air sport disciplines (paramotors, canopy piloting and glider aerobatics); present the proposed selection process of the athletes; agree on the communication and endorsement of athletes by their FAI Members; discuss the daily schedule of activities during the competition; present the communication plans and IT support.

WG2017 test2016The workshop included a site visit to Szymanow airfield, where the three air sport competitions will take place. Test events will be held all weekend to allow to familiarise judges and officials with the facilities of the venue and to practice the simultaneous running of three air sports activities. The brand new pond built for the Canopy Piloting event was tested this week by parachutists Cornelia Mihai, Jeannie Bartholomew and her husband Curt, the reigning World Games and FAI World Air Games Champion.

Several meetings took place with the IWGA (International World Games Association) and the Local Organiser of the Games. On Wednesday, an aerial display was organised by the Wroclaw Aeroclub to welcome top executives of IWGA and the local organiser when they inspected the venue.

FAI Sports & Events Director Markus Haggeney, who is also the Competition Manager for all air sports disciplines at the World Games 2017, said: “It was very important to have a great start of the project and I am delighted with the outcome of our workshop. A good understanding of the different air sports by all parties involved and a strong cooperation between FAI, IWGA, the local organiser and aviation authorities are the keys to success. We all look forward to this great event which will be a unique opportunity for us to showcase our sports in multi-disciplines events.”