FAI News 26/04

FAI Graphic Charter : publication of new logos Charte graphique FAI : nouveaux logos disponibles IOC President's Support to the World Games New World Record Claim for Rotorcraft.

FAI Graphic Charter : publication of new logos
Following the recent introduction of the new FAI Visual Identity, new logos have now been published for the FAI Air Sport Commissions and for the FAI Centenary 2005.

In accordance with the development program of the new FAI Visual Identity introduced on 1 July 2004 (see FAI News 13/04), specific logos are being developed for each FAI Air Sport Commission. Composed of two elements, the basic FAI logo and a pictogram symbolizing each sport, these new logos will allow Air Sport Commissions to give a proper identity to their activities, documents and Internet pages.

The FAI Centenary Logo is also now available. From now on, this logo may be used by FAI Members and by the organizers of events and competitions listed on the program of the FAI Centenary.

We invite you to read the conditions for use of FAI Logos in the "FAI Online StyleGuide", and to consult the "Contacts" page to order the high-resolution files of the graphical elements you may wish to use.

During the forthcoming weeks, the development of the FAI Visual Identity will continue with the publication of logos for the FAI Technical Commissions and for our main competitions.

Charte graphique FAI : nouveaux logos disponibles
Suite à la récente introduction de la nouvelle identité visuelle de la FAI, de nouveaux logos ont été publiés pour les Commissions sportives et le Centenaire de la FAI.

Conformément au programme de développement de l'identité visuelle de la FAI introduite le 1er juillet 2004 (voir FAI News 13/04), un logo propre à chaque Commission sportive de la FAI est en cours de création. Constitués du logo FAI et d'un pictogramme symbolisant chaque sport, ces logos permettront aux Commissions sportives de doter leurs activités, documents et pages Internet d'une identité visuelle propre.

Le logo du Centenaire de la FAI est également disponible dans la charte graphique. Ce logo peut être utilisé dès à présent par tous les membres de la FAI, ainsi que par tous les organisateurs de manifestations et compétitions figurant au programme du Centenaire.

Nous vous invitons à prendre connaissance des conditions d'utilisation des logos FAI dans le "FAI Online StyleGuide", et à consulter la page "Contacts" pour commander les versions haute résolution des éléments graphiques que vous souhaiteriez utiliser.

Au cours des prochaines semaines, l'identité visuelle de la FAI sera complétée par la publication de logos pour les Commissions techniques et pour les principales compétitions de la FAI.

IOC President's Support to the World Games
In a letter dated November 29 and addressed to all National Olympic Committees, Dr. Jacques Rogge, the IOC President, emphasized the importance of The World Games for the future development of sports in general.

“The World Games play an important role in the framework of the Olympic Movement, providing an invaluable opportunity for athletes from a variety of sports not currently on the program of the Games of the Olympiad to compete in their own elite multi-sport event and represent their countries as members of a national delegation,” Rogge wrote in the November 29 letter.

He referred to the multi-sports games’ history by pointing out that The World Games had enjoyed an exceptional development since their inception in 1981. The 6th World Games 2001 Akita, in particular, were an outstanding success by every standard :
I am convinced that The 7th World Games 2005, with good collaboration between the International World Games Association (IWGA), the Duisburg organizers, the 3,000 athletes, and the National Olympic Committees involved, will again be a great success,” Rogge expressed his optimism. “I am confident that The World Games will continue to prosper and encourage all NOCs to support this important event in Germany next year,” Rogge concluded.

Dr. Jacques Rogge confirmed that he would personally attend the Opening Ceremony of The World Games 2005 Duisburg.
(Source : IWGA Communication)

FAI is a member of the International World Games Association (IWGA). Parachuting / Skydiving featured on the official sports programs of the 5th World Games in Lahti (FIN), 1997, of the 6th World Games in Akita (JPN), 2001, and will be involved in the 7th World Games 2005 in Duisburg (GER). The World Games 2005 will take place from 14 to 24 July 2005, feature 32 official and 6 invitational sports, and involve more than 4,000 athletes and officials from 100 nations.

New World Record Claims
Some of the new World Record Claims recently received by FAI :

Class E - Rotorcraft / Claim number : 10182
Sub-class : E-1 (Helicopters)
Group : 2 - turbine, General Category
Type of record : Highest take-off
Course/location : Saser Kangri Peak (India)
Performance : 7 077 m
Pilot : AS BUTOLA, VM (India)
Helicopter : Cheetal
Date: 01.11.2004
Previous record : none

The details shown above are provisional. When all the evidence required has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and the record ratified (if appropriate).

For further information on World Records, please consult the latest news, including all claims pending ratification, at FAI World Records).