Recent World Record Claims and Competition Update

Recent FAI world record claims received by the FAI Secretariat and Category 1 Events update.

WORLD RECORD CLAIMS received recently by FAI include: Class G (Parachuting) record Claim number : 15003 Sub-class :G-2 (Group jumps) Category: Feminine, Performance / Team records Freeflying, largest head-down formation Course/location : Eloy, AZ (USA) Performance : 20 parachutists Pilot : … International crew (International)

Crew : Olga BAKULINA (RUS), Karen BLANCHETTE (USA), Amy CHMELECKI (USA), Sara COMMANDEUR (USA), Cynthia CURRIE (USA), Melanie CURTIS (USA), Sara CURTIS (USA), Judit FORRO (HUN), Alana FULVIO (USA), Kate HOFFSTETTER (USA), Melanie JOHNSON (USA), Laura KENYON (GBR), Roberta MANCINO (ITA), Meili MODINI (USA), Melissa NELSON (USA), Stephanie NIELSEN (USA), Gillian PARKER (USA), Joi Elisea SILVA (USA), Stephanie SORIA (USA), Stephanie STRANGE (USA) Date :21.03.2008 Previous record : 18 parachutists (25.06.2005 - International team, International) Class D (Gliders) Claim number : 15103 Sub-class :DU (Ultralight Gliders) Type of record : Free Distance Course/location : Zapata, TX (USA) Performance : 791 km Pilot : William G. OSOBA (USA) Glider : Woodstock Date :19.07.2008 Current record : 627.60 km (09.07.2004 - Leonardo R. BENETTI-LONGHINI, USA) Class F (Model Aircraft) Claim number : 15111 Sub-class :F5 Open (Aeroplane, Electric motor S (rechargeable sources of current)) Category: F5: Radio Controlled Flight Type of record : N°171: Duration Course/location : _ to be advised Performance : 12 h 36 min 46 sec Modelflyer : Vincent LABROUVE (France) Members : Daniel LENTIN (France) Date :30.07.2008 Current record : 12h 21min 40sec (24.06.2006 - Thomas HAYS, USA)

COMPETITIONS UPDATE (1st CATEGORY EVENTS) (Aeromodelling) 23.08-30.08.2008 FAI European Championship for Aerobatic Model Aircraft (ITA) 31.08-07.09.2008 2008 FAI European Championships for Free Flight Model Aircraft (F1A/B/C) (BUL) 13.09-20.09.2008 2008 FAI European Championships for Free Flight Model Aircraft (F1D) (GER) 14.09-21.09.2008 2008 FAI World Championships for Electric Model Aircraft (UKR) (Ballooning) 13.09-21.09.2008 18th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship (AUT) (Parachuting) 08.09-14.09.2008 13th FAI World Canopy Formation Parachuting Championships (NED)