Turin airfield comes to life

Many of the air sports at the World Air Games are based at Torino Aeritalia airfield in Turin, Italy; finally, after years of preparations, test events and rehearsals, the airfield has come alive with activity. A large crowd watched displays from powered aerobatic and experimental pilots before the start of the first competitive rounds.

One of the first sights for spectators is a display of the experimental aircraft which have been brought here for the Workmanship contest. These aircraft have been constructed or renovated by amateur builders who spent many thousands of hours skilfully and carefully fulfilling their dream of building an aircraft.

Homebuilt aircraft attracts attentionHomebuilt aircraft attracts attention

Among the first to compete were glider aerobatic pilots, being sent into the air behind tug aeroplanes before commencing their routines. Nerves were high before the start as pilots waited patiently for their turn to show why they are here at the Games. These competitors are the elite glider aerobatic pilots in the world and they have one common goal: to become the World Air Games Champion.