Microlight pylon race - day 2

Conditions were perfect today for the second round of the Microlight Pylon race. After an unsure start, the weather improved to offer no rain and a gentle breeze; this was coupled with slick organisation from the Italian administrators. The excitement built up quickly as the spectators could see the pilots’ race times improving.

The format of the scoring is such that both members of the crew take it in turn to fly the course solo, with the combined time being used. The result of this round followed the pattern of the earlier round; the British crew of Saysell/Grimwood are lying in first position, three seconds ahead of their compatriots, the father and son team of Keene/Keene. Behind them in third and fourth place are the two Italian teams Rossi Soavi/Vanzini and Carra/Rossi.

The American crew was sadly eliminated due to a lack of precision flying; this event demands exact control of the aircraft both before and during the high speed turns. The Americans began one turn around a pylon a little too early and were given a penalty; this was enough to drop them out of the top four. This round also sees the exit of the good-spirited crew from Norway along with the crews from Hungary and Poland.

Whichever crews make it to the final, it will be a very strongly fought and tight contest in which tenth of seconds may decide the overall World Air Games Champion.