Helicopter Parallel Slalom and Parallel Fender qualifying rounds

The qualifying rounds in Helicopter Parallel Fender and Parallel Slalom took place yesterday and today in which the crews sought to provide great entertainment in what was a very attractive event for spectators.

The early leaders after these two rounds are Russia, followed by the highly experienced Austrian team with the Germans in third place.

The breakdown of the scores makes for interesting reading; from a possible maximum 300 points per discipline, the first four teams are closely bunched and also scoring very highly.

Scores are Fender, Slalom, Total.

1. Team Nr. 5 Russia 289.7 285.1 574.8
Pilot: Viktor Korotaev
Co-Pilot: Niloai Burov

2. Team Nr. 6 Russia 274.4 269.4 543.8
Pilot: Lyudmila Kosenkova
Co-Pilot: Elena Prokofyeva

3. Team Nr. 2 Austria 265.7 275.7 541.4
Pilot: Guenther Kremlicka
Co-Pilot: Gerd Luxbauer

4. Team Nr. 8 Germany 286.2 248 534.2
Pilot: Martin Eigner
Co-Pilot: Thorsten Strohmaier

The scores highlight the highly competitive nature of the event with second to fourth placed teams only 9 points apart. We can look forward to an exciting quarter-final on Wednesday.