Parachuting on day 3

Parachuting had an excellent day on Tuesday in spite of a poor weather forecast. Competitors were able to do an extra round of accuracy which enabled them to partly make up for the two rounds that were cancelled on Monday evening because of rain.

The day started with two rounds of accuracy. The conditions were perfect with a light wind and good visibility. Several competitors achieved the best possible score of zero.
These two rounds were followed by the first round of Canopy Piloting accuracy. This spectacular event saw four competitors tie for a score of 84.

After a short interruption when other events took place, the second round of Canopy Formation took place. The first round was held on Sunday afternoon when France took the lead. Unfortunately the second jump was not very good and they went from first to last, the lead being taken by Russia. Canopy Formation allows for a wild card and each country has the possibility of discarding one score. Maybe France will choose this one?

A second round of Canopy Piloting brought the number of ties down to two: Jason Moledski of Canada and Ian Bobo of the USA.
The day ended with a third round of Accuracy. The conditions were still perfect although rain clouds were visible to the east. The French jumper, Ronan Henaff, managed a third dead centre and took the lead.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be a very busy day for parachuting with not less than 7 events starting at 08h15 with accuracy and ending with Canopy Piloting at 19h45.