Paramotor Basketball Slalom first round

After two attempts to get the paramotor competitions under way, both of which were thwarted by strong winds, the 22 pilots here at the Games were able to complete the first task.

Shortly after eight o’clock in the morning the competitors set off in pairs for the basketball slalom. Pilots must pick up a large gymnastic ball with their feet and then fly a slalom course comprising inflatable pylons three times before depositing the ball in a basket. The pilot must then return to the start of the course to collect a second ball and fly the slalom again. The race time finishes when the pilot kicks a ski-pole type stick in order to take up a ball again and again the slalom fly off. At the conclusion a staff with the foot must be affected. The time counts from the start to kicking the stick. Penalties are given for not placing the ball in the basket or failing to pick one of the balls up after a second attempt.

The Dragon’s Tail event is scheduled for this evening.