Aeromodelling Aeromusicals at Palaruffini

The citizens of Turin and participants in other airsports at the World Air Games are being treated to an unrivalled spectacle in the indoor arena at Palaruffini. The aeromodelling commission of the FAI (CIAM) has developed a set of rules to promote the very exciting and affordable sport of building and flying indoor model aircraft.

The concept of combining flying models with accompanying music and other show effects has huge potential for creating awareness for aeromodelling and aviation in general. The potential for media exposure is greatly enhanced since the results are almost instantaneous. Spectators are able to sit in relative comfort and be entertained. Without lengthy explanations, they are able to judge the relative performances, with simple judging criteria like technique (precision, versatility) and artistic quality (synchronisation with music, continuous flow).

Young French pilot Fabian Turpaud is leading the field, followed closely by Lithuanian ace Donatas Pauzuolis. The variable pitch propeller on the aircraft used by Martin Muelle, allows him to perform spectacular reverse-direction manoeuvres. Without exception, the younger pilots from Italy, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Hungary are all performing with great skill, and lightning-fast reflexes. To provide more entertainment, there are performances of synchronised flying (Martin Mueller and wife Stephanie Schwan, and Bert and Derk van der Vecht), a flying dragon, a formation routine by several aircraft of the Frecce Tricolori, airships, a flying Ferrari race car, and hand-thrown gliders.

For those at the WAG who have not yet experienced the thrill of an indoor aeromodelling event, take the shuttle bus from the hotels to Palaruffini at 19:00. Sit back, relax, and be entertained!

Bob Skinner, CIAM President