The World Games Kaohsiung 2009 is open

On 16 July, The World Games have been formally declared open by Mr. Ma Ying-jeou, President of Chinese Taipei, after a spectacular ceremony in the brand new Kaohsiung stadium.

According to the Organising Committee, some 40'000 spectators saw a spectacular three-hour show with singers and fireworks that could rival the 2008 Olympics. After the cultural part of the evening, one of the highlights was the parade of the athletes attended by the 85 top parachutists selected to compete in 5 events : Canopy Piloting, Accuracy Landing, Canopy Formation 2-way, Formation Skydiving 4-way and Freeflying.

Thanks to cooperative weather, all athletes could make 1 or 2 competition jumps on 17 July from 2 BK117 helicopters. The competition venue is the Metropolitan Park in the northern ranges of host city Kaohsiung. The IPC President Graeme Windsor is acting as meet director and FAI Secretary General Max Bishop as Jury Member. A typhoon passing on 18 July was putting all jumps on hold, giving staff and athletes time to catch up with each other.

Held from 16 to 26 July 2009 at Kaohsiung (Chinese Taipei), the World Games 2009 is gathering some 3'100 athletes, coaches and officials from 105 countries. For more information, please visit the Official World Games Webpages.

Parachuting Opening Ceremony
FAI President's opening speech
The competition venue as seen from the air, with the water course for Canopy Piloting
The Belgian 4-way team achieving practice jump
The French 4-way team climbing to jump altitude of 10'500 ft
The Belgian 4-way team giving interview after the jump
The Norwegian Formation Skydiving 4-way team exiting the BK117 helicopter
Olga Lepezina (RUS) on final accuracy landing approach