Asia and the FAI

The 103rd FAI General Conference held this month in Incheon, Korea, was a landmark event at a time when the geopolitical and economic centre-of-gravity of the world is moving steadily to the East.

The Conference, held in a brand-new Conference Centre on land claimed from the sea close to the dramatic architecture of the new Incheon Bridge) was the first to be held in Asia for almost a quarter of a century (previously in 1985 - New Delhi).

The Conference attracted 23 Asian countries (as against only 4 in 2008 and 2 in 2007), demonstrating the need for European members to share more often the burden of travelling long distances to meetings.

The Conference delegates unanimously adopted the following "Incheon Declaration on the Development of International Air Sports" :

- In order to increase choices and opportunities, we pledge to increase support for air sports among developing countries, including those in East Asia.

- We encourage FAI Members to cooperate to enhance the growth of air sports and further have those adopted formally into the Asian Games and other major multi-sport events.

- We renew our global commitment to fulfilling the low carbon “green growth” initiative so that we can take our share of responsibility in the field of air sports to improve the global environment.

The personal contacts made at the Incheon Conference, and the increased level of knowledge about Asia amongst delegates from other continents, should help give a boost to air sports in Asia... the area of the world where the potential for growth is greatest.

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