ASF Receive FAI Outstanding Airmanship Diploma

PARIS 11.02.2010Aviation Sans Frontières (Aviation Without Borders) received their 2009 Outstanding Airmanship Diploma at a ceremony held at the AéroClub de France in Paris on February 11. FAI President Pierre Portmann made the award to ASF President Jean-Claude Gérin, praising ASF for the wonderful humanitarian activity of its voluntary pilots in bringing aid to the poor and needy. The ASF's motto – "La voie des airs pour secourir la Terre" (Through The Air to Bring Aid On Earth) was justified day-in, day-out, he added.

AVS was founded 30 years ago to stage humanitarian missions to the destitute in developing countries, and to support Non-Governmental Organizations with airborne transport facilitating the dispatch of rescue and emergency aid in areas difficult to access.

The FAI Diploma was awarded in recognition of the "competence and generosity of AVS volunteers" which help Aviation Sans Frontières "form a link between those who give and those who suffer." The ASF's recent work in Niger was especially commended.