The Sports Hub - New Video Channel for Air Sports

At its recent Annual Convention in Dubai, SportAccord launched The Sports Hub, a new multi-sports video platform hosted by YouTube. Aiming at bringing new audiences to the world of Air Sports, we are proud to announce that FAI was one of the launching International Federations of The Sports Hub.

The Sports Hub – A Place for Sport Fans
The Sports Hub has been developed in accordance with SportAccord’s mission (the former General Association of International Sports Federations - GAISF), which is to unite, support and promote its Member Federations. The objective of The Sports Hub is to create a unique place on Internet, where sport fans can find and view videos of all sports.

The Air Sports Channel – An Additional Opportunity to Give Exposure to Air Sports
As a member organisation of SportAccord, the FAI decided to be part of the International Federations supporting and launching The Sports Hub. While FAI Media Partner Flying Aces Ltd will continue distributing videos to air sports fans worldwide through the already well-known airsports.tv, the new Air Sports Channel on The Sports Hub will provide an additional opportunity to reach new audiences on the market of international sports.

Visit and Subscribe to the Air Sports Channel
You have two ways for accessing the Air Sports Channel. The quickest one is to enter our channel by clicking on www.youtube.com/airsportschannel.
If you wish to look at the videos provided by other International Sports Federations before accessing the Air Sports Channel, you should first visit The Sports Hub homepage and click on the type of sport you wish to look at. To access the Air Sports Channel from the homepage, click on “More Sports”, then on “Air Sports”. Once you are on the Air Sports Channel, click on the “Playlists” located in the right column to view the videos available for each air sport.

What will be the Content of the Air Sports Channel ?
The Air Sports Channel will exclusively focus on FAI events such as World or Continental Championships, World Records or conferences and meetings. At this stage, only videos featuring events held in 2007 are available, but 2008 and 2009 events will be progressively added over the next few weeks. At a later stage, our objective will be to report on the most recent events.

Receive a message when a new video has been uploaded !
If you wish to receive an alert when a new video has been published, please don’t hesitate to make use of the “Subscribe” function available on the Air Sports Channel. Once you have opened your free account, you will automatically receive a message in your mailbox when a new video has been made available : When using this function, you won’t have to scroll through the whole channel to locate the newly published videos.

How can you make your video(s) available ?
If you have comments and questions on the Air Sports Channel, or if you wish to propose video material for publication on the Air Sports Channel, please send us a message. We will then contact you.

And now, …
Enjoy the Air Sports Channel on The Sports Hub !