Guenter Zimmer

In a tragic accident on the 8th August in Minsk, Belarus, Guenter Zimmer, a world class and leading helicopter pilot was killed shortly after his wife Iryna had been successful in one of the events, coming third overall. Guenter participated in World Championships spanning 18 years representing Germany at the highest level. Guenter was one of the most kind hearted and humorous individual one could wish to meet. He had friends spanning many countries. He was a wonderful person to talk to, very humorous and willing to help, advise and share information.

Guenter was a awarded the FAI Rotorcraft Gold Medal. It was due to be presented to him in October at the FAI Conference, Dublin. As part of the FAI’s Centenary Celebrations he participated in the Centennial Helicopter Formation Flight from FAI’s original Headquarters in France to the new Headquarters in Lausanne. The CIG helicopter family is deeply saddened by the tragic loss and our deepest condolences are sent to his wife Iryna and their son Alexander. David Hamilton President CIG