International Parachuting Championships & Gulf Cup, Dubai, Emirates - Day 6

Canopy Spotting - CP SPeed

Canopy Spotting - CP SPeed

10th January 2011 - After yesterday's bad weather forcast for today, apart from swirling misty fog around the buildings close to the drop zone, by 8.30 and the start of the second Canopy Piloting Speed round the sun was back. And Speed is the keyword for today - having completed the second Speed round of the competition, we moved immediately into the second and final rounds of Distance. Meanwhile the 7th Round of Formation skydiving was completed. Halabusa (Belgium) and France 1 tie in 1st place (176) with USA two points behind (174). At 15.00 hours the first helecopter lifts off with the classic accuracy jumpers.

The competition is not due to finish until the 16th January - but if we complete early we will move into the first competition in Canopy Piloting Freestyle - a spectacular prospect.

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