Strategic improvements at the FAI

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In line with its new strategy, the FAI has recently created two new management tools aiming at improving its efficiency.

Expert Groups

Following the guidelines given by the General Conference in 2011, the FAI Executive Board has started the development of a new "FAI Expert-System" which includes eight Expert Groups :

The Experts are people with expertise in specific areas who are called upon when there is a need for technical expertise. They are appointed by the FAI Executive Board and are on stand-by and assignments are only carried out "on demand".

The first five Expert Groups (Airspace, Navigation, Safety, Regulation, IT) have been created, policy and goals established, members listed and tasks assigned. More information can be found here.

Regional Vice-Presidents

The establishment of the FAI Regional Management Structure (RMS) is part of the FAI Strategic Plan and was endorsed at the 105th FAI General Conference in Belgrade (2011). The respective Regional Vice Presidents (RVP) are appointed by the Executive Board (EB) from the candidates nominated by the National Airsports Controls (NACs) in the applicable region and considered part of the FAI executive management and report to the Executive Board. The RMS has started with two regions, namely East & South Asia and South America. It will be expanded as needs arise in the other regions.

The FAI Regional Management Structure is a structure ensuring the standardised operation of a number of individual FAI Regional Vice Presidents functioning according to the defined Duties and Responsibilities appearing in the RMS Guidelines. Effective implementation of the FAI Regional Vice President (RVP) function will result in a much needed revitalisation of the FAI management structure, especially in the area of NAC communication/interaction, regional/international representation and the promotion of FAI, inside and outside of the FAI.