Annick Hauser starts as new FAI Assistant Sports Manager

Annick Hauser The FAI Head Office is pleased to announce that the vacant position of Assistant Sports Manager has been filled by Annick Hauser. She began with the FAI on 3 September 2012.

Annick is the first point of contact with the ASCs (Air Sports Commissions) for administrative matters. She deals with the administration of ASCs meetings as well as logistics and the publication of documents. Furthermore, she assists the FAI Senior Sports Manager Rob Hughes with his tasks and works in coordination with Secretary General Jean-Marc Badan and FAI Event Organisers.

The 15 years experience she possesses in travel, meetings and events organisation were gained in the airline and tourism industry as well as in an international sports federation (ICF) – all of which will help her to settle into her new role in a quick and efficient manner.

"Annick Hauser will allow the FAI to develop and enhance the bond between the Head Office, the Air Sports Commissions and the Event Organisers by keeping the flow of information and documents accurate and efficient. I am confident that her experience and enthusiasm will be a great asset to the FAI at a time when it is facing many new challenges," FAI Secretary Jean-Marc Badan said.

"I am happy to be back working in a sports federation and I look forward to collaborating with and supporting the air sports commissions. This new challenge gives me the unique opportunity to use my experience and knowledge for the benefit of the FAI," Annick Hauser said.