2015 FAI Active Members’ Presidents Meeting in Alicante

2015 06 06 Active-Members-Presidents ESP Alicante 065 2

The representatives of 18 FAI Members, the Executive Board and Head Office staff members gathered in Alicante, Spain, on Saturday for the 2015 FAI Active Members’ Presidents Meeting.

This annual event gives FAI Members Presidents or their representative the opportunity to be informed about the most significant current topics being dealt with by the Federation, to exchange views and to give feedback on on-going projects. This year they included:

  • FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015
    A full report was made on the progress of the organisation of the Federation’s biggest ever event, and the challenges inherent to it.
    FAI Members were keen to obtain more information, especially on technical and logistical issues.
    It was also announced that the 1st General Bulletin of the competition containing the needed clarifications would be published soon.
  • Multi-sport Events
    Air sports have been successfully part of several multi-sports events such as The World Games and the Asian Beach Games. FAI intends to continue participating in these large-scale competitions which give extensive exposure to its sports worldwide. The Federation is also working on having air sports included in more of this type of event.
    The next event is The World Games in 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland. Glider Aerobatics, Parachuting Canopy Piloting and Paramotors are part of the programme of the Games.
  • Sports Marketing Development Plan
    The FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015 are a great opportunity to build a legacy, to secure the long-term development of FAI’s flagship event and to showcase what air sports can offer.
    The Federation must also nurture its relationship with stakeholders such as FAI’s sponsors and partners, and progress should be made to enhance the management of world and continental Championships.
    Other opportunities are to be explored further such as the participation in pancontinental multi-sport games, the identification of potential to promote air sports with commercial partners and the modernisation of the FAI Patron Scheme.
  • Revision of the Organiser Agreement
    The project is in its final phase. The new Organiser Agreement will take the shape of a short legal document common to all sports with specific appendices for each of them.
  • FAI Competition Management System
    A presentation was made of this recently released tool that is offered to Event Organisers for their use. It facilitates the management of registrations, the checking of sporting licenses and the approval of participants by FAI Members.
  • 109th FAI General Conference
    An update was given on the preparation of the upcoming Conference including changes to the programme that aim to make it more result oriented. See www.faigc2015.com

In addition, the 1st Vice President of the FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) Bruno Delor made a presentation about drones and their inclusion in the activities of CIAM.