Join the celebrations for the 125th Anniversary of Otto Lilienthal's flight!

MuehlenbergDerwitzIt was spring time in 1891 when aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal finally made it and took off with his self constructed "Derwitzer" glider. His flight attempts at the "Mühlenberg" area, near Derwitz in Germany, are considered to be the first unpowered human flights following the principle of heavier than air flight.

With a so called "Sternflug", meaning different aircrafts take off from different starting points and fly to the same finish point or goal - Stölln/Rhinow in this case - the "Bundeskommission Segelflug" would like to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Lilienthal's first human flight.

All gliders from the German Aeroclub/Deutscher Aeroclub e.V. (DAeC) and pilots from abroad with a valid FAI sporting licence are most welcome to join the celebrations.



The first day of flight is Wednesday, 03 August 2016 and the arrival in Stölln is planned for Friday, 05 August 2016.  

More information: sternflug.org.

SternflugPlakat EN Lilienthal 2016

Video Credits: M8 Medien GmbH / Alexej Funke / Christian Morgenstern
Photo Credit: Carl Kassner