FAI Air Sports in Asia Summit: Save the date, 20 March 2017

summit asiaThe FAI is organising a one day Air Sports in Asia Summit in Hong Kong on 20 March 2017. This summit is not only aiming at FAI members but also be open to anyone with an interest in air sports in Asia.

FAI President Frits Brink said: “Air sports are developing quickly in Asia, and we are delighted to see the increasing number of events."

“This invitation is directed to all national air sport controls in the countries in Asia, as well as emerging air sports organisations with a national and regional focus in Asia.”

He added: “It is important to organise the growth of air sports well and on a sustainable basis. We therefore invite all air sports organisations in Asia to join us.”

The summit will cover the development of air sports globally and in Asia, as well as the sanctioning process for regional and international events and specific topics like the inclusion of Paragliding in the Asian Games 2018.

Further details about the location of the summit, the final agenda and how to register will be issued in January 2017.