Drones: Opportunities and Challenges for Air Sports

IMG 20170520_103555On 19 - 20 May 2017 the FAI Executive Board and the FAI Active Member in Germany, the Deutscher Aero Club (DAeC), met in Frankfurt. The main topic during the meetings: What does the fast development of drones mean for air sports?

New competitions, potentially new members and great public interest are the positive aspects of the spectacular flying objects. On the other hand, competition in using airspace, as well as problems of reliability and safety, might occur.

Together, FAI and DAeC will continue to promote their interests toward political decision makers. In this effort, they are supported by the German Olympic Sports Federations (DOSB) Dr. Michael Vesper, Chairman of the Board of Management, and Martin Schönwandt, Managing Director of German Youth Sports.

In the meeting in Frankfurt, it was agreed to present a joint thesis paper to the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). The Federal Government will also be reminded of its pledge to promote the positive role of sport and thus also for aerial sports. Sport is regarded as something worth protecting. Without access to airspace, there is no air sports. This is reflected in the German law on air traffic, where it is noted: “The use of airspace by aircraft is free”. And also in the criteria defined by the BMVI for the setup of air space, it is mentioned that the interests of all users of air space have to be taken into consideration.

Pictured (L to R): FAI President Mr Frits BRINK, Chairman of the Board of Management DOSB Dr Michael VESPER, DAeC Präsident Mr Wolfgang MUETHER.