Helmut Schlecht awarded FAI Bronze Medal at CISM Military World Parachuting Championship

EDDY2655 ok_sRespected parachutist Helmut Schlecht was awarded the FAI Bronze Medal at the 41st CISM Military World Parachuting Championship in Bad Sassendorf, Germany in July.

The medal was awarded to mark his long term involvement in sport parachuting and his support for the FAI.

The award ceremony took place after the Opening Ceremony for the World Championships.

CISM is the International Military Sports Council and as a global sports organisation is responsible for organising sporting events for armed forces in 134 member countries. The philosophy and ideals of CISM are ‘Friendship through sport’. As part of the visit in Germany FAI President Frits Brink and FAI Secretary General Susanne Schoedel met with CISM Secretary General Col Mamby Coita.

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At the meeting CISM and the FAI affirmed their shared principles, which are laid out in a joint memorandum of understanding.

The occasion was also attended by the President of the IPC ‘Exi’ Hoenle and CISM/FAI IPC Liaison Gernot Rittenschober.

Helmut Schlecht was awarded the FAI Bronze Medal for his longterm service to the sport of parachuting, in particular his involvement as Parachuting Event Director and Event coordinator at the World Air Games Dubai 2015.

The citation for the medal reads: “For his eminent services to the FAI through his knowledge, scrutiny and endurance in the preparation and execution of the World Air Games 2015.”

Helmut Schlecht started parachuting in 1958. In the 1970s he helped establish parachuting as a sport in the German Army and went on to represent his country at numerous FAI World Championships. He has been an FAI IPC Judge and Meet Director at many major FAI sanctioned international parachuting events, including the Mondial.

In 2014 he became Technical Advisor to the Director of the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015 as well as Event Director for Parachuting. He coordinated all flight operations for Parachuting and the air space management with the Dubai CAA.

The FAI Bronze Medal is reserved for people who have rendered eminent services to the FAI in administrative work, in Commissions, or in the organisation of FAI sporting events.

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