Address to the IGC

Sir John Allison, President, Europe Air Sports Lausanne, 3 March 2006 I blame it all on my parents – the fact that I am standing before you today, that is. If they had got on with the job and conceived me, say, 10 years earlier, my flying career would have been over before the legislative changes that are now sweeping across Europe got started. 10 years later, and it would all have been sorted out, for better or worse, before I became available to help. As it is, the burden of tackling this mess has fallen on my generation, which might loosely be described as the “newly retired” [except that I am not retired, but that is another story] Now, I am conscious that this is a speech entirely about Europe and I am addressing a world audience. But those of you who are not European should, I suggest, listen, and not merely to reflect on how lucky you are. It is a cautionary tale about the power of politics and their associated bureaucracies to mess things up. Something like it could happen anywhere. As NATO used to say in the Cold War: "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance".


IGC Awards 2005

The Lilienthal Gliding Medal

Awarded for a particularly remarkable gliding performance or eminent services, to a currently active glider pilot who has established an international record during the past year, or made a pioneer flight, or rendered eminent services to the sport of gliding over a significant period of time. Ian Strachan (United Kingdom) has spent a lifetime in aviation, including development of motor glider instructional techniques and identification and publication of GPS-based turning points. Chairman of IGC’s GNSS Flight Recorder Approval Committee (GFAC) since inception, he led the evaluation and approval of many flight recorders, ensuring systems validity and integrity for records, badges, contests and everyday flying. Ian served many years as BGA delegate to CIVV/IGC, and UK delegate to, and Secretary of, CASI. His skills brought completeness and precision to the Sporting Code. Ian developed proposals for the FAI statutes wording to improve clarity and understanding. Through dedication and attention to detail Ian has greatly influenced the UK and international gliding and FAI community.


Bid Form for Sailplane Grand Prix

The bid form for the FAI/IGC World Sailplane Grand prix can be downloaded here.

1st World Sailplane Grand Prix in Saint Auban, Salon Européen du Vol à Voile (European Sailplane Show/Exhibition)

At the beginning of September, the National Gliding Centre at Saint Auban and the French Gliding Federation will be organizing two major events on the Saint Auban - Chateau Arnoux airfield. From the 2nd to the 11th September, the first World Soaring Grand Prix will be fought out, while on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th, the close of this competition will be twinned with a European Sailplane Show.


Minutes of the 2005 IGC Plenary meeting

The minutes of the last plenary meeting of the IGC, which took place on March 4 and 5, 2005, are now available on this site. There are two versions:

  • an HTML version, for on-line browsing, and
  • a PDF version, suitable for downloading and printing.

    Note: since the minutes were published, a small correction was made to item 13.1.5. If you have downloaded the PDF version before 09.00 UTC on April 8, 2005, please download the new version, see link above.


Keynote Speech by Wolfgang Weinreich (IGC Plenary, Lausanne, 4.3.2005)

Mr. President,
Dear IGC delegates,
Dear friends of the gliding family!

When your president, Bob Henderson, asked me some weeks ago if I would be ready for some keynote words at the IGC plenary meeting I felt very honoured indeed. Certainly it is with great pleasure for me to address you and I feel very privileged to speak to you. During my time as FAI president, also as president of Europe Air Sports and as president of the German Aeroclub before, I had the opportunity to gather much information about air sports in general and about our sport gliding in detail.


Key decisions and highlights from the IGC 2005 Plenary meeting

Lausanne 4-5 March 2005

31 delegates from national gliding federations and in total around 75 persons took part in the meeting of the International Gliding Commission held in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne 4-5 March 2005.

These are the highlights. A full report of the meeting will be circulated later. The agenda and all documents can be downloaded from the FAI web site. http://www.fai.org/gliding/meetings.


The FAI Centenary Contest

To celebrate the FAI centenary in 2005, glider pilots all over the world are invited to compete in a one-week contest. The southern hemisphere contest has already finished; you can see the results here.

The dates for the northern hemisphere are July 9 to 24. How to enter? Simply submit your flight to the OLC in the usual way to the national contest of the country where the flight takes place. All flights within the given period will automatically be included in the centenary contest. If you have n OLC experience, go to this page and follow the instructions.

The results of the northern hemisphere contest will be published here.

Gliding Membership Report

John Roake, Chairman of the IGC Membership Subcommittee, has submitted his report on the development of gliding members worldwide up to the end of 2004.


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