16th FAI European Gliding Championships in Nitra: day 2

The last few gliders are being launched right now for Assigned Area Tasks with a time limit of 1 and a half hours. Though the sun is shining, the air is very humid and heavy with a lot of wet cloud giving a dull, milky look to the sky. Those already launched are bravely circling but low and close home. The starts for the four classes will open only 20 minutes after everyone is up as there is such a small window of opportunity to fly at all today and tomorrow is unlikely to be flyable due to storms and heavy rain.


16th FAI European Gliding Championships in Nitra are airborne

Czech Duo Discus DL, piloted by Michal Lesinger and Danes Grula, was the very first glider whisked into the air by the big yellow, 800hp Čmelák at Nitra today. It was 12.30 local on the nail as all four classes set off on Area Assigned Tasks with a minimum time of 2 hours.


Look out Europe, here we come, LOTS of us...

While looking forward to the FAI Sailplane Grand Prix Final starting on 23rd July, let us not forget all the other competitions in full swing in the northern hemisphere, where the motorways of Europe especially have seen large numbers of glider trailers trundling towards their various competition venues in recent days.


FAI Sailplane Grand Prix final 2011, the countdown begins...

Just received from Germany, the following is the all but complete list of pilots competing in the FAI Sailplane Grand Prix which begins on 23rd July on the famed Wasserkuppe, acknowledged as a cradle of our sport and celebrating its 100th birthday in 2011.


Three journalists team up to report ICG news and activities !

IGC has now three journalists scouting for news, information and stories about our World Championships and our elite pilots ! Angela Sheard, Marina Vigorito and Jill McCaw have joined forces to combine their talents for stories and their knowledge of who’s-who in gliding circles to write blogs for the IGC website. This is a great step forward and IGC President Bob Henderson's intention is that this starts IGC on the path of being able to have refreshing and up-to-date information available about IGC “heroes” and IGC competitions and activities.


Call for bids to host the 2012/13 series of FAI Sailplane Grand Prix Qualifying events

IGC President Bob Henderson looks forward to an enthusiastic response to the call for bids to host the 2012/13 series of FAI Sailplane Grand Prix Qualifying events. The more the terrain and conditions vary between sites, the greater the challenge for the competing pilots, whether home-grown or taking up the 5 or so international visitor slots per contest. All of which produces a series where excitement and interest grow as the individual qualifying races single out the finalists to fly for the ultimate title.


Main decisions taken at the FAI Gliding Commission 2011 Annual Meeting

Here are the main decisions that have been taken during the IGC 2011 Annual Meeting held on 4 and 5 March 2011:


New FAI Secretary General Appointed

Stéphane Desprez, former Competition Director of the 2008 Rugby World Cup in France, has been appointed as the new Secretary General of the FAI – the World Air Sports Federation. He will formally take up his appointment in Lausanne, Switzerland, on 1st February 2010.


Chilean Qualifying Grand Prix Results

The winners are

  1. Uli Schwenk, Germany, 37 points
  2. Tilo Holighaus, Germany, 26 points
  3. Thomas Gostner, Italy, 24 points.
The first two qualify for the GP final. More information can be found on the event website at http://www.grandprixchile2009.org/

Multi-Class World Gliding Championships 2006

The 29th FAI Multi-Class Gliding World Championships in Eskilstuna, Sweden, finished on June 18, 2006. Visit the site http://www.wgc2006.se for the results.

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