EC's & WC's in FS, AE, CF, SP, Saarlouis, Germany. Day 2


Day 2 - Smiles and rain in abundance!


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Tuesday 8th August 2017: Day 2

What's a World Cup without rain?  True to its historic roots low cloud and rain engulfed the airfield this morning, so it wasn't very long before the Meet Director, Dr Rainer 'Exi' Hoenle announced that everyone was stood down till 12.00hrs. Despite the weather these girls lit up the surrounding area with their infectious smiles!


Opening Ceremony

Everyone attended the opening ceremony in the centre of Saarlouis - an impressive welcome awaited them in the form of a spectacular Samba-Reggae drumming group leading the competitors and officials into the city centre.  Once assembled behind their country names we were formally greeted by the Governor of the Region and the Mayor of the town.

Will post more pictures and the story tomorrow.

8.30 arrival at the DZ.


Most people are used to wet weather activities - catching up with aspects on social media - card games - sleeping - boastful stories (aka bull-s****ing!), but we witnessed a new phenomenon - 2-Way Texting!!!




The rain may have abatted, but that's been replaced by high winds, so it came as no real surprise when the The Meet Director advised everyone that they were released until tomorrow morning, to be on stand-by from 08.30hrs. 


A further announcement from the Meet Director advised that everyone was stood down until 14.00hrs, adding that an update would be made at 13.30hrs.

Whilst the weather may well have put paid to skydiving, two training courses are taking place in the classrooms, one for Speed Skydiving, the other Formation Skydiving. The ab initio judges are being trained by Arnold Hohenegger (Chief of Judge Training for Speed Skydiving) and Karla Cole (Chief of Judge Training for Formation Skydiving). Let's hope they are still smiling by the end of the week!

Both groups of trainee judges with their Chief of Judge Trainers
L to R:
Arnold Hohenegger AUT - Chief of Judge Training: Speed
Percy Kristersson SWE - Trainee Judge: Speed
Karla Cole GER - Chief of Judge Training: Formation Skydiving
Bernard Nicolas FRA - Trainee Judge: Formation Skydiving
Linda Mäkelä FIN - Trainee Judge: Formation Skydiving
Mike Pennock NED - Trainee Judge: Formation Skydiving
Tamara Hoffman GER - Trainee Judge: Speed
Stephan Kramer USA - Trainee Judge: Speed
Juliane Radow GER - Trainee Judge: Formation Skydiving
Marc Frielingdorg GER - Trainee Judge: Formation Skydiving
Chang (David) Il Choi KOR - Trainee Judge: Speed