EC's & WC's in FS, AE, CF, SP, Saarlouis, Germany. Opening Ceremony

FAI flag

The flag is flying, the anthem has been played and the European Championships and World Cups in Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events, Canopy Formation and Speed Skydiving declared formally open.  This was the end of a good opening ceremony - unpolitical, short, good speeches with humour and fun music.  Competitors gathered a short street away from the main square where they were presented with their country name carrier and their National Flags, and were entertained by the amazing music of a local German steel drum band, playing Brazilian Samba rhythms.


We then followed the band, in alphabetical country order with the German delegation bringing up the rear, the short walk down the street and into the square.  It was lovely to see the people of Saarlouis lining the street and square and watching out of the apartment windows.  Quite a noisy spectacle on a Tuesday evening.







Canada Cyprus copy
Denmark1 Finland
France copy Germany copy
Great Britain Greece
Isreal Italy
 Netherlands  Norway
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Once everyone was in the square the ceremony started with a speech from the Patron of these Championships, the Governor or the region, Mr Landrat Lauer who said how happy and the people of the Region, a special region of Germany, famous for its food and friendly people.  He wished everyone a successful and safe competition.  He was followed by the Mayor of Saarlouis Mrs. Henz, who said she personally found skydiving frightening and she would enjoy watching the competition from the ground, but also wished everyone a happy time here in Saarlouis. 

Mr Landrat Lauer
Govenor of_the_Region_Landrat_Lauer

We then had a speech from Dr. Henning Stumpp, President of the German Parachute Federation adding his welcome to all.  Finally Alberto Martin Paracuellos, in his role as FAI Controller and a member of the IPC Bureau, reported that the meeting held between himself, the Jury and the Chief Judges confirmed that everything conformed and once the flag was raised and the anthem sung her could declare the competition open.

Dr Henning_Stummp_President_of_Germany_Parachute_Federation Alberto -_FAI_Controller


A well organised and simple ceremony, after which the National Delegations left the square to return to the Drop Zone and dinner.  Tomorrow morning's schedule commences at 8.45hrs with the first call for a 9.00hrs wheels off.