EC's & WC's in FS, AE, CF, SP, Saarlouis, Germany. Day 5

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Friday 11th August 2017

16.58hrs:  On behalf of the Meet Director, Helmut Bastuck has advised everyone that the weather conditions preclude the possibility of getting airborne today, consequently we are all released until tomorrow morning.

Not an impressive sight . . . . 


15.05hrs:   . . . . . . all calls cancelled . . . . . .  Several people have commented on the bad weather that plagued Gera back in 2006, as we are once again stood down just as the clouds came in thick and fast. Drizzle has accompanied the low cloud. 

13.50hrs:  Dr Rainer 'Exi' Hoenle, the Meet Director, announced they were going to put up a load - like yesterday - with German local jumpers who know the terrain particularly well and a decision to continue with the competition would be taken once/if they'd jumped. Much to everyone's delight, the first 15 minute call was made, quickly followed by further load calls. With the competitors in much better spirits than this time yesterday, there's a real buzz in the air.

10.15hrs  Skies have cleared and 4-Way female have been called - let us hope it bodes well for the day. With a second 15 minute call made, hopes of an imminent start were soon dashed as the announcement to cancel both loads was heard loud and clear over the PA system. Unfortunately today's forecast is grim to say the least, but one thing all skydivers have in common is optimism. Looks like we're going to need that by the bucketful today!


Horizontal visibility much improved - not so vertically

08.50hrs:  Spirits were high when we left the town of Saarlouis this morning as there were blue holes in evidence, but with an airfield elevation of around 300m, we find ourselves engulfed in cloud. Not a great deal of warmth is forecast to burn it off, so fingers crossed it will soon dissipate of its own accord.

As a way of brightening up the day, here's a varied selection of photos taken throughout the Meet by the very talented and generous photographer Carsten (Casi) Thiel:

CP Landing
Canopy Piloting landing technique
Blackskies MrMrsBastuck
 Storm clouds threatening  Franziska & Helmut Bastuck
PatriceAlberto ExiGundelAlberto
 Jury President & FAI Controller Gundel Klement & FAI Controller & The Meet Director
GoldenKnights Creeping
 The Golden Knights dirt diving  4-Way Female 'creepers'
White Pilot 3xCanopies
Christian von Wischetzui - Pilot  Coming in to land
 4Waylanded  Flags
 Airheads 4-Way: Switzerland  Canopies flying above the flags
TraineeJudgeLinda SpeedAngelica
 Linda Mäkelä: Trainee Judge FS Angelika Mittasch: Chief Judge Speed
SkydiveCity GreenLanding
 Freestyle jumpers heading for a re-pack  Mark Zimmermann: Atomix 4-Way