EC's & WC's in FS, AE, CF, SP, Saarlouis, Germany. The Party's Over

Monday, 14th August 2017

The party finished late on Saturday night as everyone celebrated or commiserated with each other at the end of a tiring championships due to the weather.  But lots of thanks are owed to all who made this competiton week possible and worked hard to make it as enjoyable as possible to compete at.  Who knows, Patrik Lauer did hint at hosting a World Championships and maybe it will be third time lucky with the weather behaving normally at sunny Saarlouis.

Thanks must go firstly to Helmut Bastuck and his hard working team and the use of every available ounce of good weather.  Along with the Meet Director, our President, Dr. Rainer 'Exi' Hoenle.

Helmut _Exi
Helmut (Organiser) and Exi (Meet Director)

There follows a table of pictures of all those (and some I failed to get pictures of) who worked so hard behind the scenes to make this European Championships and World Cup the best they could.  Thank you to everyone involved, and if I did not get your picture, sorry.  Three people we failed to obtain photos of - they were far too busy - were the three Caravan pilots: Ben Briet (Red aircraft), Christian von Wischetzki (White aircraft) and Paul Alexandrow (Silver aircraft).

Msanifest Catering staff
Manifest kept track of the loads for 3 Caravans: Good food twice a day for over 400 people
Franziska Bastuck - Shaline Dincher,
Christian Bauer - Caro Bönig
Coffee lady more cakes

Coffee and cake - German Style

Cakes coffee van
Cakes baked by the women in the Village Even more choices of food
cs customers waffles
Satisfied customers It does what is says on the label!

Not to forget our Judging Panels - a huge thank you to all, FS Judges for a small team but a lot of teams to judge!  CF who had to share a room with either AE or the FS Trainee Judges and AE and the Training Judges for sharing with them as necessary.  Speed managed judging and training in the same room.

Alongside the Judging panels was the all important scoring system - InTime Scoring - ably managed by Jens Jarisch, under the watchful eye of Claire King and Dirk Venter.

FS Judges Artistic Judges

FS Claire, Pekka, Doris (EJ) Wolfgang (EJ) Aliya,
Randy, Peta, Zeljlko (CJ)

AE  Ron (CJ) Bich (EJ) Jamie (EJ) Natalia, Tamara,
Sylvia, Kristian.

CF Judges_2  Speed panel
CF Percy, Tash, Julia (CJ), Jenni, Gill (EJ), Rath SP Arnold, Angelika (CJ), Rina
 Gundel Klement, Assistant to the Chief Judges

Not to overlook the other 'Officials':


Jury: Patrice Girardin (President)
Patrice JP
Elisabet Mikaelson - Jury Member
John Smyth - Jury Member

Last but not least,  the FAI Controller

Alberto Martin Paracuellos


Tamara Koyn, the Judges Committees' Video Librarian, has prepared the recording of all the raw video files from the competition and this is available to anyone to order - please refer to the web site:  http://www.koyn.com/CloudDancer/2017/17WCEC_Video.html

And finally, a huge thank you from me to Carsten Thiel for his wonderful photographs and Fay Kimble my colleague for helping write up and edit these pages.  Now to prepare for Montenegro.

Carsten Thiel

Susan Dixon
IPC Media Liaison Officer

15 August 2017