B.J. Worth's farewell speech to IPC 2013

B.J. Worth

IPC Farewell           B.J. Worth

For 43 years, skydiving has been my passion.     Since my first year as a university student, skydiving has consumed my life - my social life, my competition life, my professional life (in the film industry), my recreational life (with event organizing), and my volunteer life serving USPA, IPC, and FAI.

I have no regrets.  Skydiving has been very good to me, and when possible, I’ve tried to return the favor.  However, I’ve had very little life outside of skydiving.     So, a year from now, I will be stepping back from our great sport in most capacities, and will start chasing a bucket list – one that has already grown so much that it will take 10 years to complete.  

I find it ironic that, at my first IPC meeting, 38 years ago, I came armed with a satchel of little stick men and a radical notion for a new competition discipline.  I tried to convince the IPC delegates that 4- and 8-way sequential was the future of our sport. 

Now, at what will almost certainly be my final IPC meeting, I come here trying to convince you that sequential skydiving is the future of our sport, albeit on a slightly different scale.  I thank you for your overwhelming support in embracing this new IPC discipline.  I believe it will well-serve our sport and our sportsmen and women for years to come.

 I wish you all the best as you continue to serve the IPC over the coming decades.  I only ask that the IPC’s priorities continue to focus on the best interests of the majority of skydivers out in the field.

It’s been a great run.  Thank you.

B.J.s speech

January 2013.