F2B Individual - Jim Walker Individual Trophy (renamed Steve Wooley Cup)


Donated by Academy of Model Aeronautics


Current holder (2016) is Orestes Hernandez (USA)

Previous holders

2014: Igor Burger (Slovakia)
2012: Igor Burger (Slovakia)
2010: Richard Kornmeier (Germany)
2008: David Fitzgerald (USA)
2006: Remi Beringer (France)
2004: William Werwage (USA)
2002: Han Xinping (China)
2000: Han Xinping (P R China)
1998: Han Xinping (P R China)
1996: Han Xinping (P R China)
1994: Han Xinping (P R China)
1992: P Walker (USA)
1990: Xian Dong Ziang (P.R.China)
1988: Xian Dong (P.R.China)
1986: A.Kolesnikov (U.S.S.R.)
1984: Zhu Younan (P.R. China)
1982: McDonald (U.S.A.)
1980: McDonald (U.S.A.)
1978: Hunt (U.S.A.)
1976: McDonald (U.S.A.)
1974: Gieseke (U.S.A.)
1972: Werwage (USA)
1970: Werwage (USA)
1968: Gabris (Czechoslovakia)

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