What’s new in the FAI Anti-Doping Plan?

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Here is an update on our progress towards the creation of an updated and appropriate FAI Anti-Doping Plan. The last few weeks have been dedicated to collecting information. We are now ready to start developing our risk profile and our FAI Anti-Doping Plan.

Submission for Code Review

Last week we officially submitted the FAI comments in the first phase of consultation on the review of the World Anti-Doping Code. With this 1st phase now closed, we are waiting for the first draft back from WADA so that we can participate in the 2nd round of consultation (there are 3 rounds of consultation in total – the last ending in November 2013).

Risk Assessment Complete

Following the distribution of the risk assessment questionnaire at the beginning of the year to all NACs and ASCs, we have received replies from all sports commissions and from 14 NACs. Thanks to everyone for their time, involvement and valuable input. We would be pleased to receive more responses to help flesh out the picture of our risk profile as seen by those of you who administer air sports at the national level.

Benchmarking other Federations

In addition, our Anti-Doping Manager is currently carrying out a benchmarking study with other International Federations to inquire about their experience with anti-doping programmes and to share best practices.

Presence at WADA Symposium

The FAI will participate this week in the WADA Annual Symposium. The main topic this year is "Working Together to Further Improve the Fight against Doping in Sport". The objective will be to learn how others are doing in their fight against doping and hear from experts what can be improved and how. The symposium will also give our FAI Anti-Doping Manager the opportunity to discuss management of anti-doping programmes face-to-face with other Anti-Doping Managers.

Next steps

We will now consolidate the responses from the questionnaire and the benchmarking with other Federations and coordinate with our CIMP experts to establish a risk profile across all air sports. This will result in a draft plan to target the risk areas in air sports. The draft Plan will be circulated to everyone at the end of April for feedback and will be discussed with WADA and also at the ASC Presidents meeting in May.

We are also now starting to work on an education plan and also to develop a comprehensive communication programme for everyone to educate and increase knowledge about doping for, especially, our athletes and organizers.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the FAI Anti-Doping Manager Ségolène Rouillon.


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