Jean-Marc Badan appointed new FAI Secretary General

Jean-Marc_BadanJean-Marc Badan, the previous FAI Sports Director and Deputy to the Secretary General, has been appointed as the new Secretary General of the FAI – the International Air Sports Federation. He will formally take up his appointment in Lausanne, Switzerland, on 1st October 2011.


IAC Launches "TechWatch" -- Contributors Needed

The International Aerobatic Club (IAC), the American aerobatic association, recently launched a new safety forum on the internet called "TechWatch". The forum can be found here: www.allairplanesbreak.com The need for a discussion forum where technical problems can be openly discussed has been sorely needed for some time. While there was discussion about creating such a website at CIVA, it was decided that it was best for the USA to press ahead with the project. Former US Team pilot Hubie Tolson, well known in international aerobatics circles, was the primary sparkplug for the project and it is now supervised by IAC Safety Chairman Steve Johnson. Everyone in the international aerobatics community is urged to visit this site, register, and contribute articles, advice, photos, and information. This will be useful to everyone in the air sports community around the world and ultimately help save lives.

Glider Proposals for 2012 Available

The deadline for submission of rules proposals for both powered and glider aerobatics has now passed and the Rules & Known Sequence Proposals Package for 2012 (Glider Aerobatics) is now available. Only France and Germany submitted rules proposals this year but several countries proposed Known compulsory sequences for the 2012 contest season.


CIVA Rules Proposals for Power and Judging Available

The Rules Proposals Package for 2012 (Power Aerobatics)  that will be considered by the CIVA Rules and Judging Sub-Committees in Italy next month is now available.

Sub-Committees will meet at the Hotel Italia in Foligno, Italy at 09.00 on 30 August, just prior to the start of the WAC. While most of the proposals have to do with Power aerobatics, there are also new proposals that affect the judging line at all Championships. Known/Q sequence proposals for Power are due 1 October 2011 and should be sent to the CIVA President (civa-president@fai.org).

CIVA Bidding Document for Championships Available

grandprix2Though the contest season is now in progress with the WGAC/WAGAC underway at this moment and with other Championships coming up shortly, it is important that CIVA begin planning for the 2012 aerobatic season and the years beyond. Lack of bids for Championships or bids that come in after the CIVA plenary meeting has been a problem. Bids must also be reviewed to be sure they are adequate, they contain the information needed, and the Championships will be of the highest quality -- something all competitors and officials deserve.

Therefore, a <File missing> for FAI Aerobatic Championships is now available along with Bid Forms in Microsoft Word format, <File missing> and PDF, <File missing>.


Victory for Martin Sonka at the 2011 Riga FAI Elite Aerobatic Formula

Nine of the best aerobatic pilots in the world competed in Latvia this weekend for the 2011 Riga FAI Elite Aerobatic Formula organised by renowned Lithuanian pilot Jurgis Kairys. The skills and manoeuvres of the pilots wowed the large crowd gathered in the centre of Riga to admire the competition taking place over the Dauguva river.

2011 Riga Elite Formula 2011 prize-giving ceremonyMartin Sonka, Jeff Boerboon and Svetlana Kapanina


Judges Selected for 2011 FAI Aerobatic Championships

The CIVA Judging Sub-Committee has completed the selection process for Judges and their selections have been ratified by the Bureau. CIvA is very pleased to announce the following Judges have been selected for this year's FAI Aerobatic Championships: 26th World Aerobatic Championships Graham Hill (Chief Judge, elected by CIVA) Timo Bartholdi (FIN), Mikhail Bezdenezhnykh (RUS), John Gaillard (RSA), Mike Gallaway (USA), Violeta Gedminaite (LIT), Francis Itier (FRA), Vladimir Kotelnikov (RUS), Aldo Marengo (ITA), Gabor Talabos, Sr (HUN), and Lyudmyla Zelenina (UKR). 2nd World Advanced & 14th World Unlimited Glider Aerobatic Championships Philippe Kuechler (Chief Judge, elected by CIVA) Stanislav Bajzik (CZE), Bernard Courtois (FRA), Alan Dugas (FRA), Jan Gawecki (POL), Stephan Hau (GER), David Kaftan (CZE), Peter Lambert (AUT), Jan Maxen (DEN), Chris Rudd (USA, and Gabor Talabos, Jr (HUN). 7th European Advanced Aerobatic Championships Nick Buckenham (Chief Judge, elected by CIVA) Guy Auger (FRA), Maciej Bialek (POL), Bernard Courtois (FRA), Violeta Gedminaite (LIT), Philippe Kuecher (SUI), Vladimir Razhin (RUS), Chris Rudd (USA), Gabor Talabos, Sr (HUN), Kimmo Virtanen (FIN), and Lyudmyla Zelenina (UKR). It should be noted that though the countries are listed above next to the Judges' names, all Judges are required to act as FAI International Officials and do not represent their countries (in accordance with FAI Sporting Code, General Section). The country names are provided for reference only. My congratulations to all of these Judges on their selection and thanks for agreeing to serve at our Championships and helping to make them a success.

Edition 2011 of the Sporting Code Section 6 Now Online

The 2011 Edition of the Sporting Code Section 6 Aerobatics Part 1 (powered aircraft, effective 1 January 2011) and Part 2 (glider aircraft, effective 31 January 2011) is now ONLINE at: http://www.fai.org/aerobatics/documents

Locations for FAI Aerobatic Championships in 2011 Chosen

During its plenary meeting in Oberhausen, Germany on 6-7 November, CIVA considered bids for various FAI Aerobatic Championships to be held in 2011. The 26th World Aerobatic Championships (in Unlimited Power category) was awarded to Italy. The Championships will be held near Ravenna, Italy on 31 August through 11 September, which includes arrival and departure days. The airport will be the Cervia-Pisignano Airfield (LIPC) which is also a military base. Competitors and officials will be housed in hotels at the Milano Marittima beach. Contest Director will be Dario Costa. CIVA also selected officials for the event. President of the International Jury will be CIVA President Mike Heuer (USA). Chief Judge will be Graham Hill (GBR). Both served in these positions during the last World Championships in Silverstone, UK. Turning to the FAI Glider Aerobatic Championships next year, CIVA selected Poland to host two events. The 2nd World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championships and the 14th World Glider Aerobatic Championships (Unlimited category) will be held together in Toruń, Poland on 28 July through 7 August 2011. Toruń is located between Gdansk and Warsaw. President of the International Jury will be Mike Heuer. Philippe Kuechler of Switzerland was chosen as Chief Judge. More information will be provided on this website as we receive it. Bids were not received for the European Advanced Aerobatic Championships and the World YAK 52 Aerobatic Championships, however, contacts have been made subsequent to the meeting and we are hopeful organizers will come forward.

2011 Known Sequences Selected by CIVA

At its plenary meeting last weekend in Oberhausen, Germany, the FAI Aerobatics Commission selected the Known (Q) compulsory sequences that will be used at all FAI Aerobatic Championships in 2011. These sequences were for Advanced and Unlimited power categories, the YAK 52 Championships, and Advanced and Unlimited Glider competitions. The document which includes all of these sequences is available below for download in PDF format.

CIVA To Meet in Germany

CIVA will hold its annual plenary meeting at the Tryp-CentrO hotel in Oberhausen, Germany on Saturday and Sunday, the 6th and 7th of November 2010. The meeting will be presided over by CIVA President Mike Heuer with delegations from over 20 countries attending. The meeting will consider rules proposals for the 2011 contest season, bids for future FAI Aerobatic Championships, and will elect officials for the 2011 contest year. Delegates will also discuss a wide range of issues dealing with the sport of competition aerobatics. Meeting agenda packages can be found on this website under "Meetings". Click on the 2010 meeting and the documents can be downloaded. Comments on agenda issues can be directed to national CIVA Delegates. Tryp-CentrO Hotel -- site of the 2010 CIVA Meeting