CIVA Rules Proposal Package Now Available


The deadline for the submission of rules proposals for 2013 has now passed and the proposals have been assembled into one file, available for download on our "Documents" page under "Meetings" and "2012" or going direct to <File missing>.  These rules proposals address all categories of aerobatic competition, in both Power and Glider, and seek to further improve the regulations for future Championships.


World YAK52 Aerobatic Championships Results Final

The 3rd FAI World Yak-52 Aerobatic Championships concluded in Russia yesterday, the 28th of June, with the completion of the last 2nd Free Unknown flight. The competition was held at Airfield Finam (Bolshoe Gryzlovo), Serpukhov region. Twenty-three pilots competed in the Championships.

The new World Yak-52 Aerobatic Champion is Vladimir Kotelnikov of Russia. In recent years, he has been very active in judging FAI Aerobatic Championships at both the Continental and World level. But he is equally skilled as a pilot and put those skills to good use against a wide variety of Yak pilots.

Russia also captured the Team prize with Belarus in second and Lithuania in third place.

Closing ceremonies and awards-givings will be on Saturday, the 30th of June. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to our friends in Russia for an outstanding organization.

Detailed results can be found at www.civa-results.com.

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World YAK52 Aerobatic Championships Underway in Russia

The 3rd FAI World YAK-52 Aerobatic Championships opened on Saturday, the 23rd of June and is now underway in Russia.  The even is being held in Bolshoe Gryzlovo and has attracted 23 pilots representing seven countries. 

The event is relatively new to CIVA and is restricted to the well-known YAK-52 aircraft, a two-seat aerobatic trainer, that was buillt in the thousands during the Soviet era.  It is a rugged trainer that remains popular today and is seen in aviation events around the world. 

The Championships website can be visited here.  Results are available now from that site. 

The photo below features an aerobatic team which performed during the Opening Ceremonies of the Championships.  The competition ends on the 30th of June.


WAC 2013 to be Held in New Location

KGYI Aerial 1

The location of the 27th FAI World Aerobatic Championships, to be held in the USA, has been changed. 
The USA's bid for the Championships originally included the site of the airport in Jean, Nevada, near Las Vegas.  That airport is no longer available for the Championships.
WAC will now be held at the North Texas Regional Airport in Sherman/Denison, Texas (ICAO: KGYI).  The airport has been the site of the US National Aerobatic Championships almost continuously since 1972.  Formerly the Perrin Air Force Base, the airport features large runways, ramps, and hangars and has been an excellent site for aerobatic competitions since the military closed their operations there in 1971.

Contest Director will be Chris Rudd.  Many of the Americans active in organizing regional competitions and the US Nationals will be working in the contest organization.  Dates remain the same:  9-20 October 2013
For those who attended the 2010 CIVA plenary meeting in Oberhausen, Germany, this site will be familiar as the USA had proposed WAC 2011 be held there.  Additional details will be provided in due course and the final report on the preparations for the WAC will be made at the CIVA plenary meeting in Lausanne in November.

Aresti Cup returns to Spain

The Aresti Cup -- the famous trophy that is awarded to the World Aerobatic Champion (Unlimited Power category) -- arrived back in Spain on 2 April 2012 for a full restoration. 

The Cup was donated to the FAI in the early 1960's and has been awarded to the World Champion ever since.  A magnificent piece of artwork, it is one of air sports' most valuable and recognized awards.  During these past five decades, it has usually gone home with the winner and has suffered from wear and tear due to its extensive travels over these many years.  The President of the Royal Aero Club of Spain, Jose Luis Olias, proposed that it come back to Spain so it could be restored to its former glory and beauty. 

President Olias also created a new traveling trophy that is a replica of the Aresti Cup, though considerably smaller, complete with travel case.  This replica will be presented to future winners of the Cup and the original Aresti Cup will reside in various museums in the years ahead so it may be viewed and enjoyed by air sports enthusiasts throughout the world. 

The Cup has been in France for over two years after Renaud Ecalle brought it home from Silverstone, United Kingdom, after his victory at the World Championships in 2009.  In the photo that accompanies this article, the Cup can be seen as it was in late 1975.  Pictured are Charlie Hillard, 1972 World Aerobatic Champion (shown right), who won the Cup at the Championships in Salon de Provence, France.  Looking on is Johnny Rutherford, famous race car driver who also is a pilot himself. 

Charlie Hillard  Johnny Rutherford with Aresti Cup -- EAA HQs - Small copy

Judges Selection for 2012 FAI Aerobatic Championships

The Boards of Judges for the 2012 FAI Aerobatic Championships have been selected by CIVA and all Judges have now provided the names of their Assistant Judges.  All CIVA Officials for the upcoming aerobatic season are now in place.

It will be a very busy year for the many volunteers who make the Championships possible.  Four FAI Aerobatic Championships are now scheduled:  The World Advanced Aerobatic Championships in Hungary; the World Glider Aerobatic Championships in Slovakia; the World YAK52 Aerobatic Championships in Russia; and the European Aerobatic Championships in Slovakia.

Complete lists of all CIVA Officials are available under "Documents" on this website.  Click on "Judges" and the lists are available in PDF. 


Sporting Code for Glider Aerobatics Published


Picture2The FAI Sporting Code for Aerobatics -- Section 6, Part 2 is now available under the "Documents" page on this website. 

Sporting Code Section 6 Part 2 (Glider Aerobatics) 2012 can be downloaded in PDF. Part 2 is for Unlimited and Advanced Glider aerobatic competitions. 

These rules will be in use at this year's FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championships in the Slovak Republic. The Championships will be held in Dubnica which was home to the European Advanced Aerobatic Championships (Power) last year. 

Sporting Code Now Available (Powered Aerobatics)

DSC 4799
The FAI Sporting Code for Aerobatics -- Section 6, Part 1 is now available under the "Documents" page on this website. 

<File missing> can be downloaded in PDF. Part 1 is for Unlimited, Advanced, and YAK 52 powered aerobatic competitions. 

These rules will be in use at this year's FAI Aerobatic Championships in Hungary, the Slovak Republic, and Russia.  Hungary will host the 2012 World Advanced Aerobatic Championships; Slovakia will organize the European Aerobatic Championships in Unlimited power category.  Finally, Russia will bring its considerable aerobatic expertise to bear in putting on the World YAK52 Aerobatic Championships. 

Please note that the 2012-2 version of Part 1 was posted on 9 February 2012 to correct small errors.  Previous versions are obsolete. 

FAI Silver Medal Presented to Mike Heuer

CIVA President Mike Heuer has been awarded the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale’s Silver Medal. The Medal was formally presented to Mike at the opening ceremonies for the FAI Aerobatic Commission’s plenary meeting in Krakow, Poland on November 4, 2011.  Mike is shown at left below with the FAI Secretary General, Jean-Marc Badan, making the presentation.

According to FAI, “The Medal is reserved for persons who have occupied high office in FAI or in an aeronautical organisation in one of its member countries, and in the discharge of their duties have shown exceptional powers of leadership and influence, to the benefit of the whole international air sport community.”

The citation for the award reads as follows:

“Mike Heuer’s career in air sports began in 1968 when he flew his first aerobatic competition.   As a leader in the aerobatic world, he was a founding member of IAC (the American aerobatic organization), its President for 9 years and member of its Board for 37 years. He became the USA Delegate to CIVA in 1984.

In 1986, he was elected President of the FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA) and remains in office to this day. Presiding over more International Juries at World and Continental Championships than any other person, he has guided the growth of aerobatics in FAI. During his administration, power and glider aerobatics have matured and different categories exist with more pilots participating in FAI Aerobatic Championships than ever before. Recognized as an effective leader in international aerobatics, he had an enormous influence on its development during the past four decades, benefiting pilots around the world.

A former member of the FAI Executive Board and the NAA and EAA Boards of Directors, he has received dozens of awards including the FAI’s Paul Tissandier Diploma. He was inducted into the Aerobatics Hall of Fame in 2001 and was President of the International Air Sports Board at the 3rd World Air Games.   An airline pilot for almost 30 years, he is now retired and devotes all his time to FAI and CIVA.

It is appropriate and fitting that Mike Heuer be awarded the FAI Silver Medal during the 25th anniversary year of his Presidency of CIVA.”


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CIVA Chooses Known Compulsory Sequences for 2012

knownqsequencesThe FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA) held its plenary meeting last weekend in Krakow, Poland and one of the items on the Agenda was the selection of Known/Q compulsory sequences for the 2012 competition season.
Knowns were chosen for all Power and Glider Aerobatic categories including Advanced, Unlimited, and YAK-52.  These sequences will take effect on the 1st of January, 2012.  They are available for download in PDF and the files include all Forms needed for competitions.  These Knowns are usually adopted by NAC's for use in domestic competitions as well.


2012 Advanced Power Known (Q) Sequence  (62.42 kB)11 November 2011
2012 Unlimited Power Known (Q) Sequence  (117.67 kB)11 November 2011
2012 Yak 52 Known (Q) Sequence  (104.68 kB)11 November 2011
2012 Unlimited Glider Known (Q) Sequence  (105.65 kB)11 November 2011
2012 Advanced Glider Known (Q) Sequence  (112.30 kB)11 November 2011

Main decisions taken at the FAI Aerobatics Commission 2011 Annual Meeting

logo civa 01 cmyk mThe 2011 Annual Meeting of the FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA) was held on 5 and 6 November 2011 in Krakow (POL), perfectly hosted in the new building of the Polish Aviation Museum. During the welcome ceremony held on Friday evening at the Museum, CIVA President Mike Heuer received the FAI Silver Medal awarded in 2010 (lien vers la page General Awards) from the hands of FAI Secretary General Jean-Marc Badan.

Here are the main decisions that have been taken during the meeting: