Annecy HG World: a first allocation, an extra registration



On this day, April 6, 113 pilots from 18 countries are selected and 7 pilots are on the waiting list. The pilots status is published here.


Annecy World Hang Gliding: Qualification Criteria and Number of Pilots



In 2011, the qualification criteria for all Category 1 hang gliding events were modified by the Plenary. The idea was to make criteria harder, so safety would be improved. Unfortunately, the Plenary did not realize that the new requirements, if adapted to Class 1 championships, are just not working for Class 2, 5 and Sport, and for Women Class 1 specific championships.


Paragliding Pre-worlds concludes successfully in Colombia

Colombia preworlds_podium_1

The Paragliding Pre-Worlds in Roldanillo, Colombia, came to a successful conclusion last week.  Four tasks were flown in 6 days and 147 pilots had the opportunity to try out CIVL’s experimental ‘Final Glide Decelerator’ techniques, the conical end of speed section (CESS) and the arrival altitude time bonus (AATB).


Asian Beach Games Test event for Paragliding Accuracy, Thailand, Phuket



2013 was a very active year for paragliding accuracy in Asia. In addition to numerous FAI Cat 2 sanctioned events, towards the end of 2013 two significant test competitions were organized: the first for 2nd FAI Asian Paragliding Accuracy Championship in Malaysia and the second, for the air sports events within the Asian Beach Games. 


Local Regulations for Annecy World HG Championships published


The local regulations for the 13th FAI Women's World Hang Gliding Class 1 Championship, 1st FAI World Hang Gliding Class Sport Championship,19th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 2 Championship and 6th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 5 Championship in Annecy, France, are now published.

Cat 1 in the Americas


A Paragliding Pan-American Championship in 2014, a Paragliding and a Hang Gliding World Championships in 2015, go fly Central and South America!


The Paragliding Accuracy World very best !


The 7th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship took part in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovinia, from August 17th to 25th. The winners… !


Practical Guidelines for Competition Organisers




The latest completely revised edition of ‘Practical Guidelines for Organising CIVL/FAI Category 1 Championships’ can be found at: http://www.fai.org/civl-documents under Event Organisers/Practical Guidelines... You can also click on the links in the table of content under.

This comprehensive document covers the entire process of organising a CIVL Category 1 event from preparing the bid to post-championship tasks. It can be downloaded as a compete document or by chapters. 


The complete Guidelines


1      Introduction

1.1        Objectives of this Guidelines document

1.2        Summary of FAI structure and objectives

1.3        Summary of CIVL structure and objectives


2      Bid Preparation & Procedures

2.1        Introduction

2.2        Championships to be awarded

2.3        Bidding Procedures

2.4        Bid Preparation

2.5        Bid Documentation

  • 2.5.1     Annex A – Detailed Bid Information
  • 2.5.2     Annex B – Sample budget
  • 2.5.3     Letters of support

2.6        Bid fee & Sanction Fee


3      Role of the Competition Organiser (Event Director)

3.1        Introduction

3.2        Before the Practice Event and Championships

3.3        Finance

  • 3.3.1     Budgets
  • 3.3.2     Financial Administration
  • 3.3.3     Income
  • 3.3.4     Expenditure

3.4        Personnel

3.5        Administration & Information Technology

  • 3.5.1     Administration
  • 3.5.2     Information Technology

3.6        Liaison with External Authorities

  • 3.6.1     Local/Town Council
  • 3.6.2     Tourist Office
  • 3.6.3     Local medical & emergency services
  • 3.6.4     Airspace authorities
  • 3.6.5     NAC and/or Federation
  • 3.6.6     FAI/CIVL Officials
  • 3.7        Communication, Media & Public Relations

3.8        Ceremonies & Social Events

  • 3.8.1     Opening Ceremony
  • 3.8.2     Closing Ceremony
  • 3.8.3     Medals, Certificates, Flags & Anthems
  • 3.8.4     Social events

3.9        Venues & Logistics

3.10      Liaison with Meet Director


4      Role of the Meet Director

4.1        Introduction

4.2        Summary of the Role and Responsibilities of the Meet Director:

4.3        Liaison with the FAI-appointed Steward

4.4        Local Regulations

4.5        Launch preparations

  • 4.5.1     For Hang gliding
  • 4.5.2     For Paragliding
  • 4.5.3     Equipment
  • 4.5.4     Paperwork

4.6        Pre-Competition Task Schedule

4.7        First Team Leader Briefing

4.8        Mandatory Safety Briefing

4.9        Daily Briefings

4.10      Meteorological Briefing

4.11      Task Setting

4.12      Task Briefing

4.13      During the Task

4.14      After the Task

4.15      Dealing with Complaints and Protests

4.16      Documentation


5      Role of the Safety Director

5.1        Introduction

5.2        Summary of the role and responsibilities of the Safety Director:

5.3        Liaison with the FAI-appointed Steward

5.4        Local Regulations

5.5        Pre-Competition Task Schedule

5.6        Safety Committee

5.7        Mandatory Safety Briefing

5.8        Daily briefings

5.9        Meteorological briefing

5.10      Task Setting

5.11      Task Briefing

5.12      During the Task

5.13      After the Task

5.14      Dealing with complaints and protests

5.15      After the Event


6      Local Regulations, Entry Requirements, Registration

6.1        Introduction

6.2        Entry Requirements

6.3        Pilot Qualifications

6.4        Team Size & Allocation Procedures

6.5        Local Regulations

6.6        Online Registration Schedule

6.7        Documentation

6.8        Insurance

6.9        Physical Registration

  • 6.9.1     Preparation
  • 6.9.2     Setting up
  • 6.9.3     Registration process
  • 6.9.4     GPS upload/download
  • 6.9.5     Equipment checks

6.10      Post Registration


7      Operational Aspects – Venues & Logistics

7.1        Headquarters

7.2        Launches

7.3        Goalfields and Target Area

7.4        Accommodation

7.5        Transport & Retrieve

  • 7.5.1     Check in procedures

7.6        Parking

7.7        Equipment

7.8        Food, Beverages & Lunch packs

7.9        Event Programming

7.10      Flight Verification & Scoring

  • 7.10.1       Cross country
  • 7.10.2       Accuracy Events

7.11      Production & Publication of Results

7.12      Dealing with complaints and protests

  • 7.12.1       Accuracy Events

7.13      Post event duties

  • 7.13.1       Transmission of signed official results to FAI
  • 7.13.2       Return of FAI flag, unused medals etc
  • 7.13.3       Transmission of media archive & promotional material to FAI
  • 7.13.4       Confirmation and return of balance of Sanction Fee

8      Procedures in Case of Accident, Casualty & Emergency

8.1        Introduction

8.2        Planning and Preparation

8.3        Dealing with an Incident

  • 8.3.1     Incidents reported
  • 8.3.2     First actions

8.4        Aftermath of an Incident

  • 8.4.1     Incident Report Forms

8.5        Dealing with rumours

8.6        Releasing information

8.7        Next Actions

  • 8.7.1     Communication with other authorities

9      Press, PR and Marketing Communications

9.1        Introduction

9.2        Media Plan

  • 9.2.1     Media types
  • 9.2.2     Material ideas

9.3        Logos & Titles

9.4        Website & Social Media

9.5        Press Liaison

  • 9.5.1     Public Relations

9.6        Creating a Media/Spectator Friendly Event

  • 9.6.1     Media archive
  • 9.6.2     Media Rights & Sponsorship
  • 9.6.3     In case of an incident

10     The Practice Event

10.1      Purpose

10.2      Duration

10.3      Sanctioning

10.4      Rules

10.5      Personnel

10.6      Financial Implications

10.7      CIVL Steward

10.8      Steward’s Report

10.9      Local Regulations

10.10    Preparations

10.11    Following the Rules

10.12    Complaints and Protests

10.13    Pilot Feedback




The 2013 Paragliding World very best!


The 13th FAI World Paragliding Championship came to an end in Sopot, Bulgaria, on July 26th.

The French are the big winners with the Overall and Team titles. Poland takes the Women title.

Thanks to the organisers for their very good work and website. The following excerpts are taken from it.

"During this main paragliding event of the year 2013 we had 5 unique tasks. Each task had its special weather conditions. From first task with absolutely covered sky and slow thermals till final fifths race with strong sunny conditions which are really common for Sopot actually at this time. Each day weather became stronger requiring more and more speedy flying manner and skills from pilots. But exactly those who were able to show best self control and ability to make independent decisions and “read” weather could set the advantage from the first competition day and keep it till the end of this great championship."


  • 1 - Jeremie Lager  (FRA)
  • 2 - Charles Cazaux  (FRA)
  • 3 - Davide Cassetta  (ITA)

"These pilots demonstrated an outstanding ability not to follow the mass instincts and judge rationally. This helped them to get advantage in the first most difficult task. And later all they had to do just to keep their achievements."


  • 1 - Klaudia Bulgakow  (POL)
  • 2 - Seiko Fukuoka  (FRA)
  • 3 - Nicole Fedele  (ITA)

"During all the races we witnessed the acute competition of Klaudia Bulgakow and Seiko Fukuoka. Klaudia had a win! The third place belongs to a famous Italian pilot Nicole Fedele. Congratulations and applause for these brave ladies!"


  • 1 - France
  • 2 - Italy
  • 3 - Venezuela

"The stable fine positions of French pilots during the race have brought them a deserved victory. The Italian team has won the second place due to excellent flights of its members who twice were first in the Task results. Venezuela team have deserved the third winning place by its incomparably vivacious team spirit!"

See more at:http://airtribune.com/13-fai-world-paragliding-championship

Presentation video for the World Games 2013 - Cali, Colombia

WG2013-video-presentationThe World Games, which are the most important event in 2013 with 31 sports and 4000 participants, will take place in Cali, Colombia, from 24 July to 4 August 2013.

Paragliding Accuracy and Parachuting Canopy Piloting feature in the programme. Both air sport events will take place at the same location on 1, 2 and 3 August 2013.

Here is the presentation video:

The World Games 2013: Get to know the air sports athletes by visiting their profiles


The profile of all athletes participating to the Paragliding Accuracy and Parachuting Canopy Piloting events of the World Games 2013 is now available on the FAI website.