1963 Joachim Loffler, 36, DDR Germany

The twenty-sixth meeting of The Wakefield Cup Event took place at Wiener Neustadt Aerodrome, an ex-MIG base used by the Soviet Air Force, and the original home of the Messerschmitt Fighter. The shops where the Messerschmitt was produced stand on the edge of the aerodrome as skeletal reminders that this was the place most visited by the Allied Air Forces during W.W.II, and little had changed here since then. The village of Neustadt has a history dating back to the 12th century, and it is only 30 miles from Vienna. Today the aerodrome is used as a glider training facility, and a resident population of several million grasshoppers of all varieties. The FAI, with the help of the Osterreichischer Aero Club, were the administrators of this years World Championships. The trilogy of F1A, F1B, and F1C contests were attended this year by 203 entries from 30 nations. Registration would end on Monday, August 12.

Thursday, August 15, was Wakefield Day. On hand was Team USA, but without the 1961 Wakefield Champion, George Reich. Curiously the 1954 USA Team came to the WC without Joe Foster, who did not qualify for the Team. George Reich did qualify for the 1963 Team, but had bursitis in his left arm so painful, that he simply could not wind his Wakefield, as was required by the rules. Team USA included Dave Kneeland, the 1953 F1C Champion, who now was using his considerable aeromodelling skills in the Wakefield event. With Dave were Carl Hermes a Team Member in 1953, and Sal Cannizzo a 1958 Team Member. Back again for Team UK was John O'Donnell, a veteran of the W.C. in 1953,'54,'55,'56,'58, and 1961! John may have been to more Wakefield Cup events than any other competitor. Anders Hakansson was back for Team Sweden. Anders was second in 1961 and he was also on the 1955, '58, and '59 Team. With Anders was R Sudin, and N E Hollander. Jack McGilliray who was third in 1959, was back again for Team Canada, with him was M Seagrave who was on the 1961 Team, and R G McGlashan. L Muzny of Czechoslavakia was back for another try having been on the 1955, '59, and '61 Team. This time there were sixty-eight entries, and a good number were becoming multi-WC veterans.

ROUND 1: Team Canada and Team Hungary had perfect scores

ROUND 2: Again Team Hungary maxed the round. In all there were 41 maximums total in this round, and 20 of them were doubles.

ROUND 3: Team Hungary had two more maximums, to continue to lead the field. Maximums were down in this round with only 36 recorded on the Leader board The field was thinning, and air was becoming increasingly difficult to pick.

ROUND 4: Now there were only 29 maximums in this round, and these were not all at the top of the Leader board. Rone Koen of Turkey, who had never flown in an aeromodel contest before, and who completed his first Wakefield just prior to coming here, had four perfect rounds!

ROUND 5: Unfortunately Rone Koen was down in 127 seconds in this round. Rone's spirit was lasting though, and I am sure that Turkey was proud of him. The leader board showed 900 seconds by: H Wagner (OE), B Murari (I), A Hakansson (SE), J Loffler (DDR).

ROUND 6: The first fly-off round for 210 seconds. Wagner of Austria failed to make the cut and was out with only 185 seconds. The other three would carry on without him in the 240 second fly-off round.

ROUND 7: The wind was still not a factor, there was a cloud layer, but there was also lift, finding it was the factor. Murari of Italy ran out of the factor called luck and he was out with 232 seconds. So it was on to the 270 second round, but the light was failing.

ROUND 8: Time: 7:45pm, the light to see a Wakefield for four and a half minutes was poor, at best. The officials did not want to postpone the fly-off, so now Joachim Loffler and Anders Hakansson were ordered to prepare to fly. After the horn sounded to begin this round they would have only three minutes to prepare. New Pirelli motors were stuffed into fuselages, each now stood hooked up, and ready to begin to wind at the starting horn. OOORRRNNN! Anders hands flew to the winder. Joachim was not far behind, both cranked on the turns, both plugged in their nose blocks, both prepared to launch, both launched! The winner must climb higher, and glide longer. Anders propeller was folding! Joachim's Wakefield was still on the prop, and it was still climbing! Anders Hakansson's Wakefield was down in 186 seconds. Joachim Loffler's Wakefield landed 55 seconds later. Truly a great victory for the Eastern Block political establishment! It was official! Joachim Loffler was the 1963 Wakefield Cup World Champion!

Place Name Country Round l-5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Total
1 J Loffler DDR 900 210 240 241 1591
2 A Hakasson SWE 900 210 240 186 1536
3 B Murari ITA 900 210 232 - 1242
4 H Wagner AUT 900 185 - - 1085
5 B Sundin SWE 882
6 E Melenitiev CCCP 881
7 A Petiot FRA 876
7 J McGilliray CAN 876
9 S Galgoczi HUN 870
10 A Mabile BEL 869
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ch26draJoachim wins the Cup for DDR

1963 Team results
1 Italy ITA 2576 3 14 23
2 Yugoslavia YUG 2513 13 20 24
3 Sweden SWE 2480 2 5 48
4 Hungary HUN 2479 9 26 34
5 Canada CAN 2445 7 31 39
6 Dem.Rep.Germany DDR 2435 1 19 49
component inches mm
wing 50.79x4.94 1290x125
tail 17.73x2.96 450x75
fuselage 40 1016
propeller 22 dia 24 pitch 559 dia 610 pitch
rubber l8 strands 3/l6" Pirelli

Joachim LofflerJoachim Loffler's Wakefield


1964-65 Model Aeronautics Year Book, Frank Zaic
M.A.N. Jan 1964, FF Internats, Peter G F Chinn

Music: "Blowin' in the Wind"; Literature: "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold"; Cine: "The Birds" John F Kennedy assassinated

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